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5 tips to avoid the 1 million passenger rush at DXB this summer

Brace yourselves. Traveling to Dubai could be a hassle this year.

90 million visitors are set to pass through Dubai International Airport, with the DXB operator revealing that 1.1 million passengers will visit in 3 days, between July 5-8.

To help make your life easier, these 5 tips can get you prepared and on your way for a smoother trip.

1. Early Check-in

For the convenience of those guests who live downtown, early check-in is available at the Abu Dhabi City Terminal for AED30 per Etihad guest. Guests should arrive at Abu Dhabi International Airport at least three hours before take-off, accounting for extra road traffic.

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2. Check-in and Boarding Times

Economy Class check-in for non-US flights opens three hours before departure and closes one hour before departure. Economy Class check-in for US flights opens five hours before departure and will close two hours before departure. Guests must also present themselves at the US Customs and Border Protection facility no later than 90 minutes before departure.

3. Airline mobile apps

Use mobile apps to specific airlines to check in 48 hours before departure and download an electronic boarding pass for presentation at the bag drop and when boarding their flights. Check for features including preferred seat selection, pre-purchasing of additional baggage and flight status information.

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4. Online Check-in

Online check-in is also available usually on most airlines. Those guys you see in shorter lines at the airport, and a smile on their faces, are online checkers. Join them.

5. Smart Travel

When proceeding through departure immigration or upon return, Abu Dhabi Airport’s ‘Smart Travel’ immigration e-gates are available for registered UAE nationals and residents. Guests simply scan their passport and mobile or paper boarding pass at the e-gates and the immigration process will take a matter of seconds.

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