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Abu Dhabi Technology Development Committee partners with Flat6labs Accelerator

Abu Dhabi Technology Development Committee’s INNOVATOR Space creates further opportunities for members through partnership with Flat6Labs

The Abu Dhabi Technology Development Committee (TDC) is continuing on the path to build a comprehensive innovation ecosystem in Abu Dhabi by adding another company to its growing roster of distinctive partners: Flat6Labs. The two entities signed an agreement during the opening week of TDC’s INNOVATOR Space outlining their intent to cooperate through their existing platforms to nurture and accelerate innovation in the UAE.


The agreement creates a two-way knowledge exchange and innovation catalyst model whereby Flat6Labs will accept qualified members from TDC’s INNOVATOR Space into their innovator accelerator programme.  As for TDC, it will offer start-ups and graduates from Flat6Labs the opportunity to use the INNOVATOR Space for any prototyping and product development needs they might have. Flat6Labs will also conduct seminars at the INNOVATOR Space on entrepreneurship and hardware startups. Both entities will also share best-practice through workshops and joint events.


  1. Ahmed Saeed Al Calily, Director General of TDC commented: “A knowledge-based economy can only be built by creating a solid network where businesses, governments, academia and communities collaborate and join hands behind a clear vision. It is paramount to bring together the different components that make up a comprehensive “innovation ecosystem”. This is what we are witnessing right now in Abu Dhabi. The INNOVATOR Space is creating numerous opportunities for collaboration across the UAE. The partnership between our INNOVATOR Space and Flat6Labs is an additional piece in building a system that provides our citizens with the tools, support and expertise to enable them to unleash their innovation capabilities and help realize the Emirate’s Economic Vision.”


Ramez Mohamed, CEO of Flat6Labs stated: “Flat6Labs Abu Dhabi has a mission to support a new generation of passionate and innovative entrepreneurs in the UAE. We firmly believe that our collaboration with TDC and INNOVATOR Space will help us achieve this mission by expanding our community outreach and offering great value-added support to our startups in Abu Dhabi and across the UAE.”

INNOVATOR Space opened during UAE Innovation Week and has received numerous plaudits from across the region. The 1000 m2 Space is the GCC’s first open access ‘maker’ space, designed and operated in partnership with TechShop, the leading operator of “makers spaces” in the USA and globally. Equipped with professional grade equipment and staffed by training professionals, the facility provides affordable access to cutting edge technology such as 3D printers, laser cutters, welders, various computer numerical controlled (CNC) machines, and many more, in addition to CAD/CAM state of the art software – as well as specialized training programmes for all levels of skill and hands-on support and mentoring to transition ideas into prototypes and products.

Open seven days a week, Space provides a number of membership options to suit every age of innovator. To learn more, visit: