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Abu Dhabi in pole position when it comes to business and leisure

Amazing man-made islands? Check!

Top shopping destination? Check!

Fascinating beaches? Check!

No, we are not talking about Dubai this time. It’s about its next door neighbour, Abu Dhabi, the capital.

Abu Dhabi is the place to be this weekend: the Formula One Grand Prix is not to be missed.

Not only is Abu Dhabi an ideal location for businesses, but also a home to the most important attractions in the region.

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Formula One racing

Yas Island in Abu Dhabi is home to the famous Grand Prix (GP).

Opened in 2009, the Yas Marina circuit cost an eye-watering $1.3 billion to construct.

It’s home to numerous 5-star hotels and the Ferrari World theme park. The 5.55-kilometre (3.45-mile) Yas Marina Circuit is a suitably glamorous part of the FIA Formula One World Championship.

According to Formula One, the track has many unique touches. It runs alongside the island’s spectacular marina and passes under the new 5-star Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi hotel and alongside a 60-metre sun tower. The exit of the pit lane even crosses under the circuit.

The biggest race in the Middle East, the Abu Dhabi GP is the only race in the world that starts in daytime and finishes at night.

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Fitting seven football fields

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi was created in Yas Island, in tribute to Ferrari’s passion, heritage, excellence, innovation and performance. 

Each area and attraction in the park brings to life a different part of the Ferrari story, from Cinema Maranello with its film about Enzo Ferrari to Formula Rossa capturing the speed, power and freedom of a F1 car, as reported on the Ferrari World’s website.

There are numerous rides for children and a variety of exhibitions featuring vintage cars and interactive experiences such as simulators.

The 86,000m² enclosed area of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi can fit seven football fields in head-to-toe.

The Ferrari World Abu Dhabi’s total roof area of 200,000m² uses enough aluminum to cover 16,750 Ferraris.

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Embracing cultures

The Louvre Abu Dhabi finally opened on November 11, bringing a global dimension to the local culture.

This museum is one of the four museums planned to open in Saadiyat Island, but the first to open with immense significance to the region, as it has a globally recognized cultural name, which will seek to preserve not only history, but also the Arab heritage.

More than 300 famous works, which are on loan from 13 leading French institutions including the Orsay Museum and Centre Pompidou, are exhibited among others pieces by Leonardo da Vinci and Vincent Van Gogh.

Attractive living cost

Numbeo, a research data platform, reveals that the living cost in Abu Dhabi is cheaper than that in Dubai.

It says that consumer prices in Dubai are 10.64 per cent higher than in Abu Dhabi, while consumer prices including rent in Dubai are 6.74 per cent higher than in Abu Dhabi.

It added that groceries prices in Dubai were 11.64 per cent higher in Dubai than in Abu Dhabi, while local purchasing power in Dubai was lower by 13.26 per cent than in Abu Dhabi.

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Ease of doing business

twofour54, a media platform in Abu Dhabi, reveals that Abu Dhabi Government made multiple efforts to invest the wealth derived from oil for the good of all in Abu Dhabi, to add value to the Emirate’s GDP.

“The existence of free trade zones with 100 per cent foreign ownership, 0 per cent income and corporate taxes, excellent infrastructure is the proof of this effort. Some 80 per cent of Fortune 500 companies (including all of the top 10) have established a presence in UAE according to The Economist. Abu Dhabi alone is home to some of these companies such as CNN, Fox International Channels, Ubisoft and many more,” it said.

According to InterNations, a network for expats,  in Abu Dhabi, 55 per cent of the expats feel positively about their job security, way ahead of Dubai and Muscat (both 39 per cent) and Jeddah (37 per cent).