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Advanced safety features in a Higer school bus: the need of the hour

The Star school bus from Higer already has these enhanced safety features including the IVMS tracking facility as stipulated by the MOE.

The rising incidents of school bus accidents in Oman paint a scary picture. This has recently led the Ministry of Education (MOE) to set safety standards in school buses to be strictly followed by the school management while transporting children from home and back.

The Star school bus from Higer already has these enhanced safety features including the IVMS tracking facility as stipulated by the MOE.

A senior spokesperson of Towell Auto Centre (TAC), the sole distributors of Higer buses in Oman, comments: “Higer school bus has all the safety features that have been highlighted by the MOE in Oman. The IVMS tracking facility monitors the driver and check on whether he is over-speeding, driving rashly or applying sudden brakes and whether he is deviating from the normal routes. Besides IVMS facility, Higer is the only school bus in Oman to have an Anti-lock braking (ABS) system which allows the wheels to maintain tractive contact with the road surface according to driver inputs while braking, preventing the wheels from locking up and avoiding uncontrolled skidding. It has a host of other advanced safety features which are the need of the hour along with the proper training of drivers”.

Other facilities in a Higer school bus includes reverse camera, automatic fire extinguisher in the engine compartment, remote operating automatic pneumatic door controlled by the driver, CCTV camera inside the vehicle with a 72hrs recording facility, additional emergency exit on the roof, school bus STOP plate, bottom fixed/top semi sliding glass window with protection bar from inside the vehicle, fire extinguisher, first-aid kit and a warning triangle ensuring safe transit for school children.

“Higer buses are also comfortable with a seating capacity of 29 + 1 and a safety seat belt has been provided for every seat. The Higer school bus also has a CD & DVD player with a 17 inch monitor to show documentary films to students which the schools can provide to drivers. What adds to its attractiveness is it reasonable price with less capital investment, so that is a bonus for the contractors. Moreover, Higer is a trusted brand and is quite popular in Oman with its luxury coaches, pick-ups and buses. As we consider safety and efficiency to be most important in a school bus, we have assigned exclusive mechanic for MOE contract vehicles so that in case of any breakdown it can be attended immediately”, the spokesperson adds.

Higer Bus Company is one of the fastest developing bus manufacturers in China and is well known for its innovation and precision in research and development. Through their keen focus on ‘Safety and Service’, Higer buses have been winning the trust of customers since their launch in 1998. One of the top suppliers worldwide for coaches and buses, Higer has established a strong market presence in countries world over in Europe, America, Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. It ranks firmly among the top three brands in China’s bus industry. Reliable and safe, Higer finds favour with both drivers and passengers because of their driver-friendly and passenger-comfort features.

Higer also contributes a great deal to the modernisation of the Chinese automotive industry. Established in 1998 and situated in the well-known Singapore-Suzhou Industrial Park, together with the Global Top 500 enterprises, Higer Bus Company has a registered capital of 250 million RMB and is one of the few bus manufacturers that has obtained a license from governmental authorities with a production capacity of 22,000 buses and chassis per year. While expanding the domestic markets on a firm and steady basis, Higer is also exploring the international markets.

By bringing the Higer range to the Sultanate, TAC has reinforced its commitment to provide high-quality products and services to its customers in the country. With a network of 11 showrooms, 13 service outlets and 10 parts outlets spread across the Sultanate, TAC is the sole distributor of the Higer vehicles in Oman. For more information, call TAC’s CRM team on 24229100 or visit