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After Saudi, Bahrain halts flights to Iran

A number of Arab nations break off ties with Tehran after attacks on Saudi missions

Bahrain has stopped all flights to and from Iran on January 5 as it severed diplomatic ties with Tehran a day earlier.

This comes after Saudi Arabia cut “all commercial relations” with Iran and halted nearly 150 flights between the two countries following the violent attacks and torching of Riyadh’s diplomatic missions in the Islamic republic.

The Civil Aviation Authority at the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications said, “In light of the decision taken by the Kingdom of Bahrain to cut diplomatic ties with Iran, it has directed the national carrier and other airlines to suspend all flights to and from Iran.”

Iranians stormed the Saudi embassy in Tehran and the consulate in Mashhad in response to the Sunni-majority nation’s execution of top Shia Muslim cleric Sheikh Nimr Al Nimr and 46 others after they were convicted of terror-related offences.

The diplomatic fallout followed a number of Saudi allies condemning Iran’s meddling in the affairs of Arab nations and breaking off ties with the Shia-majority country.

While Sudan and Bahrain cut all diplomatic relations, the UAE downgraded the ties with a reduction in the number of Iranian diplomats stationed in the Emirates. Meanwhile, Kuwait recalled its ambassador from Tehran.