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Air Arabia rolls out new flight safety video

Air Arabia has rolled out a new vibrant and creative flight safety video across its 53-strong fleet featuring people from multiple cultures and ethnicities performing safety instructions. The video was conceived and developed by the airline’s communications team.

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The theme of the safety video reflects the strong diversity of travelers onboard Air Arabia flights across the world. Bringing passengers together, the video demonstrates fun interaction among multicultural travelers and presents jet-setters sharing new experiences.

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The film juxtaposes animated art with live actors in a sequential format that takes passengers through the entire flight safety drill.

The new video leaves a lasting impression on passengers by further engaging customers and keeps them entertained while having their full attention on the important on-board safety tips and instructions.

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Air Arabia continues its mission to create an ever-expanding network of diverse destinations, allowing for high-quality and cost-effective travel.

Watch video here: #OnBoardTheWorld