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Ajman Tourism signs partnership with Ajman Economic Development Department

Cooperation will develop and improve Ajman’s economy

The Ajman Tourism Development Department (ATTD) signed a strategic partnership with Ajman Department of Economic Development (Ajman DED) to develop and implement effective practices to help boost the economy of the emirate.

HE Faisal Al Nuaimi, General Manager of ATDD and HE Ali Issa Al Nuaimi, Director General of Ajman DED, signed the agreement covering the technical cooperation of both departments in supporting, promoting and developing campaigns that will contribute to the vision of Ajman 2021.

The agreement includes the exchange of information and experiences including sharing of best practices and practical training during visits to the two departments; comparison of customer service practices to raise the level of satisfaction; work on an application that will link both parties in order to simplify procedures and mechanisms in gathering information; joint training and participation in activities approved by both parties.

In the event of investment opportunities for the tourism sector, ATDD will be present in official meetings with Ajman DED and the potential investor. Each party will also provide support in the organization and holding of conferences, seminars, lectures, courses and workshops. Both departments also agreed to share statistics and economic studies of the Emirate of Ajman that will contribute to the goal of the agreement.

His Excellency Faisal Al Nuaimi commented: “The cooperation between the Tourism Development Department and the Department of Economic Development will increase the effectiveness of the work of our departments. Our collaboration will result in the delivery of the best level of service and experience to our visitors and also to potential investors. It will be a successful venture not only for our economy but for the people of Ajman.”

His Excellency Ali Issa Al Nuaimi noted: “We are extremely proud with our cooperation with the Tourism Development Department which will see both departments working together for the common good of the Emirate. The expertise of the Economic Department in dealing with global investors to support the economic growth of Ajman will be beneficial in achieving our goal of making Ajman the next preferred tourism destination in the UAE. Our mutual cooperation reflects the vision of Ajman for the year 2021.”