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Al Jazeera moves its satellite broadcasting from Arabsat to Es’hailsat

TV viewers using Arabsat are urged to change the frequencies on their settop boxes as Al Jazeera Media Network will permanently terminate broadcasting via satellites Badr-4 and Badr-5 starting January 1, 2015. New channel bundles will be broadcasted through satellite Es’hailSat 1.

Al Jazeera commented that the move to Es’hailSat is part of the network’s efforts to provide its viewers in the MENA region with the best coverage with the latest technologies in uninterrupted satellite TV broadcasting.

Al Jazeera channels have seen deliberate jamming in the wake of its coverage of the Arab uprisings.

Commenting on the matter, Ibrahim Nassar, Manager of RF & Teleport Engineering at Al Jazeera, said: “Al Jazeera has carefully investigated and considered the intentional jamming of its signal in recent years. The jamming is part of an orchestrated and multifaceted campaign to block the network’s signal and internet websites from its viewers.”

Es’hailSat covers the same geographic area as Arabsat and provides viewers with secure and uninterrupted transmission with more powerful abilities to hold off signal interference attempts. Nassar added that the move to Es’hailSat does not require viewers to adjust their satellite dish location or the satellite receiver. All it takes is to set the receiver to Es’hailSat 1 with Txp Frequency: 11604; Polarization: Horizontal; FEC: 3/4; Symbol Rate: 27500. A video that demonstrates the process is available on the following link:

Nilesat viewers can still watch Al Jazeera channels in the GCC, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Yemen, Sudan and Djibouti via Nilesat (EAST) 11636 V, FEC: 3/4 and Symbol Rate 27500; and in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Mauritania via Nilesat (WEST) 10992 V, FEC: 3/4 and Symbol Rate 27500.

The move to Es’hailSat includes Al Jazeera Arabic, Al Jazeera English, Al Jazeera Mubasher, Al Jazeera Mubhaser-Misr, Al Jazeera Documentary Channel, and Al Jazeera America.