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Al Marakeb puts high seas safety first

UAE-based boat builder Al Marakeb has issued a statement explaining how it considers safety to be the most important feature of its range of ocean crafts. The Sharjah manufacturer says that the security of those taking to the water in one of its designs is the most important consideration affecting the company’s vessel design, construction and fit-out.

“Our mission since our company was first founded was to offer a local alternative for customers in the region who are passionate about being out on the water and who are considering buying a boat,” says Basel Shuhaiber, Founder and Managing Director, Al Marakeb. “Safety is the number one priority factored into every aspect of our craft, from the design process, to manufacture, to final fit out. Every other aspect is incorporated only after this prime consideration to ensure the security of those who trust our vessels,” he added.

Al Marakeb’s focus on making sure that its vessels are among the safest on the water was a major factor affecting the construction of its manufacturing facility. The company’s careful attention to its factory assembly line layout has meant that every stage of building a vessel, namely hull and deck casting, joinery, electrical, accessorising and finishing, is in the hands of a skill-specific team dedicated to the task at hand.

In terms of physical construction, Al Marakeb boat materials are selected to ensure that the craft stays afloat, even in the unlikely event that it sustains damage. Unlike many other vessels of similar design, Al Marakeb injects the hull of each of each of its boats with high-density industrial foam. This unique substance has a high strength-to-weight ratio, provides additional rigidity and aids buoyancy. The specialised process of applying the foam and its adhesive qualities allow it to take the shape of the hull cavity perfectly.

“The foam that we utilise to stiffen and add buoyancy to our hulls results in excellent compression strength. This means that our craft can withstand localised static and dynamic loads, such as resting the boat on a trailer and dropping the anchor,” said Shuhaiber. “The foam also offers good fatigue resistance, good impact resistance and good energy absorption. In addition to these qualities, its closed cell structure allows for minimal water and resin infiltration,” he added.

Al Marakeb’s overriding focus on nautical safety has seen the company receive industry body recognition for its efforts. The boat builder was awarded CE certification by Germanischer Lloyd – EU Certification for Recreational Crafts for its materials and vessels for complying with essential safety requirements relating to ‘Stability and Freeboard’ and ‘Buoyancy and Floatability.’ Shuhaiber says that the certification is an acknowledgement of the company’s commitment to the highest standards for its customers.

“The most important component of any activity on open water, whether this is water sports, fishing, or taking the family for a weekend’s camping, is physical wellbeing for participants.” said Shuhaiber. “Our aim as a boat builder is to make sure that our customers are as safe as they can be while facilitating enjoyable activities as far as possible. The awarding of these industry certificates verifies the highest safety standards in the design and construction of Al Marakeb boats,” he added.

Al Marakeb’s current product line-up comprises the Dino, Spartan, Triton, Habbar fishing boat, Scylla cabin cruising vessel and is soon introducing Theo, a 27ft open waters vessel. The company sells around 60 vessels each year, supplying them to private and commercial buyers in the regional and international markets. Al Marakeb’s current network extends across the GCC, North Africa and Asia.

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