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Al-Oula first Jordanian company to win World Quality Commitment Award

Al-Oula company for events and conference services has taken another step towards globalism, winning an award at the World Quality Commitment Convention this year in Paris.

The award, announced at a ceremony late this month, recognizes Al-Oula’s commitment to providing quality services to its clients around the Middle East and North Africa over the period of more than 10 years, making it the first Jordanian company to win the World Quality Commitment Award.

The Award, launched 28 years ago by the BID Group, is designed to be awarded to the mot prestigious companies, organizations, and businesses that provide outstanding and fine-tuned services. BID is currently the most important private organization which presents quality awards at the global level, and has professional relationships with companies in around 179 countries.
Speaking at the award ceremony this month on behalf of the company, Al-Oula Chairman and CEO Mr. Ahmad Shaqqur thanked the organizers for recognizing the company’s achievements in excellence and quality.

“Looking back at previous winners, it is an honor to be among such wonderful company,” he said, stressing Al-Oula’s determination to “spread its wings” by establishing a global presence over the next decade and spreading the culture of quality it has long believed in.

Mr. Shaqqur thanked all Al-Oula employees working in Amman and in other Middle East and North Africa offices, noting: “The success of Al-Oula is the result of great efforts of employees who perform their work and activities with cooperation and passion, having “excellence” as their objective”.

Al-Oula’s services include organizing exhibitions, conferences and private company activities; and offering translation, advertising and logistic services. Currently, Al Oula employs 84 people in its main office in Amman, in addition to 230 other employees in other branches distributed in MENA region.