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Al Zaffin: aviation sector important base to attract investors

Dubai South project considered an attractive centre for investments and job opportunities

The aviation sector is one of the key sectors that make up Dubai’s economy, due to its strong growth rates and its continuing attractiveness for investment flows from all countries of the world, confirms Khalifa Al Zaffin, the Executive Chairman of the Dubai Aviation City.

Al Zaffin reveals that there is a great interest from investors in the local and international private sector to invest in aviation, Al-Ittihad reports.

He points out that the Dubai South project is an attractive centre for investments and job opportunities, stressing the pursuit of the institution to attract more international companies that are looking to increase the presence of its products in the fastest growing markets in the Middle East and Africa, in the framework of a number of key factors that will create investment opportunities.

He says: “Dubai South offers unprecedented flexibility for investors, to help them exercise all commercial activities around the city and our priority centred around the concept of redesigning economic zones, as we seek to raise the level of enabling customers in terms of flexibility and ease of work.”

He continues: “We aim to attract investments to the aviation area and to create a suitable environment for the establishment of a diversified investment, trade, real estate and service projects, and upgrading the level of the services provided in transport, air cargo and air navigation, as well as providing a suitable environment to attract companies operating in training and education and conducting the research related to aviation activities.”