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Alpha Data’s Phase 1 implementation of HP Managed Services cuts 30-40 per cent

Phase 2 covering Khalifa Street, Airport Road & Al Ain branches in Abu Dhabi to commence soon

Alpha Data, the UAE’s largest system integrator, reports that the initial phase of its four-year contract to deploy HP’s Managed Print Services for Al Noor Hospitals Group has enabled the Group’s Khalifa Street and Airport Road Hospital Campuses to reduce 30 to 40 per cent of their printing costs.

The impressive implementation of the HP solution prompted Al Noor to sign the contract for Phase 2 of the project.

In 2013, Al Noor Hospitals Group, which operates medical-surgical facilities in Abu Dhabi City – including nineteen medical centers and three hospitals with 216 beds and 684 physicians– chose HP to upgrade their aging fleet of copiers which were progressively generating higher failure rates. Alpha Data was contracted to implement the upgrade from the existing single-function copiers to HP’s advanced multifunctional printers which can also scan and digitally transmit data.

Phase 1 of the project has already been completed, covering up to 70 per cent of the Khalifa Street and Airport Road Hospital Campuses. Al Noor Hospital Group’s medical and administrative staff now enjoy an enhanced printing experience delivered by multi-function HP printers which can be used for printing, copying, scanning, digital transmission and faxing, and 120 single-function HP printers. Apart from enabling high cost savings, the multifunctional managed printers provide highly secure printing by requiring employees to scan their proximity ID card prior to finalizing printing orders.

Printed materials can thus be viewed and retrieved only by the person initiating the print request after being authorized by the system. Through its reporting, metering and charge allocation functions, the system helps to ensure that printing orders are job-related only.

Moreover, to ensure rapid problem resolution, IT staff receive instant reports alerting them to any issues, and precise usage data reports aid in future print planning and the effective rollout of new machines. Consumables are efficiently managed by the automation of previously manual request processes. When a toner cartridge reaches a set level, an alert is automatically sent from the printer and a replacement is delivered, saving time and reducing stocks of toner cartridges held on-site.

Amar Singh, Head of Enterprise Department at Alpha Data, said: “Although we at Alpha Data knew that it would be very challenging to transition the culture from legacy unmanaged copiers to modern multifunctional printers, we were highly confident of the capabilities of HP’s solutions, Al Noor’s team commitment, and our own manpower and expertise to successfully execute this major project. As a result, most of Al Noor’s network of hospitals in Abu Dhabi now enjoys easy, secure and cost-effective printing for medical and administrative staff. With Phase 2 to commence soon we look forward to delivering HP’s high-performance multifunctional solutions to more of Al Noor’s facilities.”

Wissam Ismail, IT Director, Al Noor Hospitals Group, added: “Al Noor’s information processing activities require high levels of speed, accuracy and security which HP’s printing solutions are highly capable of facilitating. Alpha Data did a commendable job of shifting our operations to HP’s Managed Printing Services, which is why we are confident of similar excellent results as it handles Phase 2 of the project.”

Due to the successful deployment and use of the HP printers, Al Noor Hospitals has signed Phase 2 of the contract which will extend to the Khalifa Street, Airport Road and Al Ain branches. The next phase will cover 90 per cent of all of the Group’s facilities, with Phase 3 to eventually span 100 per cent in the near future.

Alpha Data is the UAE’s leading system integrator with a proven track record of over 30 years. It supports a wide range of customers across the country with its broad portfolio of Managed and Professional Services. Alpha Data maintains partnerships with many of the world’s leading technology providers, including HP, Cisco, Citrix, Microsoft, Belden, Autodesk and Adobe, to name a few.