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AMLAK and Doha Bus join hands to bring a new route through Education City

Doha Bus adds a new route through Education City, a national hub that is driving human and community development in Qatar

Showcasing Qatar’s inspirational hub that is driving both human development and education, AMLAK has joined hands with the first open-top sightseeing tour bus in Doha – Doha Bus – to introduce a new route that goes through Education City.

This new route will enable more tourists to explore Education City grounds, home to some of the world’s most prominent educational institutions, as well as Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, Qatar National Library, Qatar National Convention Centre, and Al Shaqab to name just a few.

The bus will stop at Qatar National Convention Centre every hour on the hour and at Education City every 1:30 minutes – from 9:00 am until 2:30 pm. The last Doha Bus trip will take place at 5:00 pm.

Doha Bus is designed to provide a flexible way for both tourists and residents to discover the city of Doha, and its new route will be operational by the beginning of January. The tour will weave through Education City’s hop-on, hop-off points every two hours, offering an opportunity to experience landmarks like the Arab Museum of Modern Art and the Qatar Foundation Student Centre along the way.

Visitors will also be able to enjoy a relaxing break from their touring activities at Doha’s first farm-to-table restaurant, Chef’s Garden. Located at the exclusive Marwan Club on Al Shaqab grounds, Chef’s Garden truly embraces the Farm-to-Table dining experience by partnering with local farms to bring locally grown and organic products to the consumer whenever possible.

Through this innovative transportation offering, AMLAK and Doha Bus aim to inform guests on the value that Education City adds to the State by contributing to human development nationally, regionally, and internationally.

“Our collaboration with Doha Bus opens new doors for Doha tourists and residents to experience Education City as, not only a local destination, but also an international hub that houses world renowned institutions, international research and cultural centres,” said Abdul Aziz Al Emadi, AMLAK Chief Executive Officer.

“By promoting this important Doha destination, we are advocating the vital role that the institution as a whole plays in the development and preservation of Qatar’s knowledge based economy,” he added.

Speaking on the newly added bus route, Khalid Al Suwaidi, Doha Bus CEO, commented: “We have been in operation since 2012, and our aim is to showcase the best of what Qatar has to offer. Education City to us is more than a landmark, it is an international destination. Thus, Partnering with AMLAK to make this destination more accessible to the masses will offer a new perspective of our city to the visitors and residents of Qatar.”

AMLAK does not only manage assets, it promotes and supports its fundamental principles, guided by the leadership’s ambition to diversify Qatar as a knowledge economy in accordance with its National Vision 2030. Moreover, as a corporate citizen, AMLAK strives to promote Qatar, and the benefits it offers lie at the core of its operations.