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Apple, Samsung and Huawei will fall flat on their faces without which firm?

Few years back, Apple needed technologies and innovations related to displays, user interface, software, antennae, chipsets and video coding.

Likewise, Samsung was in need for a patent for everything from display technology to antenna design.

Now comes Huawei’s turn who wants to strengthen mobile signals within the phone, while preserving battery life, and voice recognition.

Who comes to the rescue?

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The comeback kid

Of course, good old Nokia!

In February 2016, Nokia settled a dispute with Samsung over the licensing of its technologies while it did the same with Apple in May 2017.

“The company suffered immensely at the hands of the iPhone, and no longer makes handsets after selling its mobile business to Microsoft in 2013. While most of its revenue comes from telecoms infrastructure, it is seeking to bolster income from the valuable patents it still retains from its days as the world’s dominant mobile phone company,” the Telegraph reported at the time of settling the dispute with Apple.

So who is the latest company to benefit from Nokia’s technologies?

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Partner to China’s leading smartphone

Huawei, China’s smartphone manufacturing company, has become the latest company to sign a patent agreement with Nokia.

According to media reports, Nokia signed a multiyear patent agreement with Huawei but did not disclose any financial details.

According to Reuters, Nokia’s patent catalog covers technology that reduces the need for hardware components in a phone, conserves battery life and increases radio reception, among other features.

Reuters quoted analyst Mikael Rautanen from research firm Inderes as saying that “it’s a significant deal because Nokia now has agreements with all the big phonemakers… The network market will remain tough, but the growing patent revenue will compensate for it.”

Nokia’s name is barely mentioned in the smart phone business, especially with the likes of Apple, Samsung and other smartphone companies dominating the market, but watch out, the company is planning a resurrection.


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Nokia tools

Nokia has been working behind the scenes and collaborating with big players in the market to generate new 5G, Edge Cloud strategies, broadband and communication tools that we all use on our smart phones and connected devices.

It’s as if Nokia’s behind-the-scenes activities were trying to send one clear message: “We are here to stay.”

Make no mistake about it. They are aiming for a comeback and this time they are not using sophisticated maneuvers to gain market share, but rather good old strategies in common every day use: price wars.

Nokia’s competitive advantages

It is hoping that price/quality competitiveness will give it an edge when launching new products, and provide it with great opportunities to regain the same audiences that it had lost to the same industry players today: iPhone and Samsung.

Purely in terms of price points, the Nokia 8 remains more affordable at AED1699 versus the Samsung Galaxy S8 at AED2399 and iPhone 8 at AED2849.

It does seem that its flagship phone is Nokia’s attempt to tap into the millennial generation with features such as the “Dual-Sight” mode, which allows for the use of the front and rear cameras simultaneously; Live video streaming to Facebook Live and YouTube Live with a single touch; and “Nokia OZO spatial 360° audio”.

Also, Nokia may be at a competitive advantage especially after Apple admitted that it tampered with performance of old batteries and kept a lid on the practice.

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The Apple scandal

Business Insider (BI) said Apple recently admitted to stifling the speed of older phone models and did so to prevent these smart phones from shutting down unexpectedly because problems arose when the iphone needed better performing batteries.

Now, company fans are up in arms about this bit of news, and the threatening mood could affect future Apple sales.

Also, Apple’s revenue from China is down by more than 50 percent from two years ago, according to Tech Crunch, a technology platform.

Tech Crunch revealed that Huwei’s Q3 2017 results doubled those of Apple in China.

Huawei’s latest releases

Huawei has lately made a splash proudly introducing in this fierce market its Mate 10, both globally and regionally.

The phone has a huge display area for video streaming (154.2 x 74.5 mm), a smart camera, a long battery life and a good price ($625) compared to others on the market.

Earlier this year, HUAWEI Nova 2 Plus was released and experienced ten times better sales than the Nova Plus at its launch period in 2016.