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1 million Arab coders, tackling youth unemployment in the region

Words by: CNN

CNN International’s Samuel Burke learns how Dubai is helping the Arab youth to learn valuable skills as technologies such as AI and blockchain are disrupting traditional jobs.

An initiative called One Million Arab Coders, launched by the Dubai Future Foundation in October 2017, aims to address regional youth unemployment by providing a free online platform that offers Arabs from all over the world the chance to become computer literate and software developers.

One Million Arab Coders already has 26,000 graduates with 375,000 Arabs currently using the opportunity to become computer coders.

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14-year-old Abdelrahman Nasser, from Egypt, on the One Million Arab Coders:

“From a young age, I was always very inquisitive; so, I got interested in computer science on my own. But moving around is not very easy for me. When I heard about the One Million Arab Coders Initiative – it was great, because I could work remotely. All I needed was a laptop and the internet.”

Graduate and co-founder of Createc Smart Digital Solutions LLC,, Faisal Al Hawi on the One Million Arab Coders:

“Coding is simply programming machines or telling machines what to do. You can do wonders with coding. It was a long journey. It does require dedication, but if you’re doing it with passion, like I am, I don’t think you’ll struggle.”

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CEO of the Dubai Future Foundation Khalfan Belhoul on the advantages of the initiative:

“There are challenges around the world, and I think the One Million Arab Coders has created a platform of hope for the people that either cannot have access to job opportunities or have a passion for coding that they cannot reach.”

Mona Al-Wadi, one of the graduates, explains to benefits of the training:

“Coding is like the soldier in the back that creates what is in front of you… We use this language to express ourselves…and with this language, we can build a huge future for our countries.”

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