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Aspire Zone launches 1st Aspire Beach Volleyball Tournament in Qatar

A unique and lively event in collaboration with the Qatar Volleyball Federation.

Aspire Zone successfully launched the first edition of the Aspire Beach Volleyball Tournament, which took place on April 17 and 18 at the Sand Pitch at Aspire Zone in collaboration with the Qatar Volleyball Association.

The Aspire Beach Volleyball Tournament was an innovative way for local residents to compete separately in a fantastic initiative. The 64 participating players were divided into eight teams, which were then separated into four groups of three players and a substitute each. The day of the event started off with the women’s tournament. After all the matches were concluded, The Viking team won the title for best beach volleyball female team in front of an enthusiastic audience. Second place went to the Al Rayyan team, while the Hyper Spiker was awarded third place.

The men’s tournament was held on the second day, which followed the same procedures and activities. Team Aspetar won the title for best beach volleyball male team in front of an enthusiastic audience. Second place went to team Voliq al Khor, and Voliq Doha was awarded third place.

When commenting about the event, Mr. Abdulla Al Khater, Events Manager at Aspire Zone said:

“We are very pleased with the first edition’s turnout and were impressed at the degree of engagement and support from the community. This indicates that local residents are indeed longing for a larger diversity of fun activities looking forward to work with the federation for future events. That being said, we will continue to organize such events year on year, which we announce on our website.”

The event was also attended by the National Team Players who had an exhibition game to introduce people to the beach volleyball game and entertain the audience with their performance.

This unique and fun event came as part of Aspire Zone’s efforts to continue promoting healthy living and an active lifestyle throughout Qatar. Aspire Zone provides free public facilities for the community to use. These include 8 mini football fields, 2 basketball courts and 4 multi usage courts, which have been installed in different parts of Aspire Zone. In addition, it hosts major sports events, training and pre-competition camps throughout the year.