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5 Ways Automakers Can Benefit from the Blockchain-Based System

In this era of emerging technologies, Blockchain seems like a breakthrough. Implementation of Blockchain in the automotive industry can lead to enhanced customer satisfaction for those buying a car in Dubai and can lead to higher profits for the automakers.

The experts at have compiled a list of a few ways automakers can leverage blockchain to enhance the auto space:

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1-Unlocking your car

Blockchain can help used car drivers to unlock their cars more efficiently as there is no third party involved. Porsche was able to accomplish this by giving drivers access to an app which directly communicated with the test vehicle ‘Porsche Panamera’ and was able to unlock the car in 1.6 seconds which is a far better response time than before. The owner can also allow short-term access to others. The best part in using Blockchain means the information is not stored in a central place that could be hacked or corrupted, instead, it is decentralized across millions of computers. This accomplishment of Porsche will undoubtedly want you to check used Porsche for sale in UAE.

2-Car related transactions

Those buying a car can pay for the car using the blockchain through smart contracts which are doing the transaction through bitcoins. This makes the process much more comfortable as you can process payments without having to go an extra mile. It can also help the electric car owners by paying for electric charging stations through the smart contracts. Other than that, it can also make payments for insurance, parking costs, and other car-related costs.

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3-Expedite autonomous vehicle technology

Blockchain can help fast-track the use of autonomous vehicles and make them more viable. Through this system, trips of autonomous cars can be tracked by recording data which can include everything from the traffic layout to the weather conditions.

4-Supply chain tracking and verification

The use of blockchain technology will enable automakers to track the automotive tracks by their unique IDs created by the blockchain. in order to increase the level of safety, crypto-enabled tags can be embedded in the parts. It can also be a benefit for using the supply chain tracking tool to check where the materials are being sourced from to ensure ethical procurement.

5-Enforce eco-friendly driving

The parent company of Mercedes-Benz, Daimler AG has taken a more environmentally friendly approach. They plan to give a group of test drivers mobiCOINS when they operate their used car in an environment-friendly way, making them eligible for prizes which can lead to positive enforcement of eco-friendly driving. This will be done by a special app which will be sharing driver data to determine the mobiCOINS earned. This means you should check out the eco-friendly car showroom in the UAE before this is executed. Other companies could also use this technique by their own cryptocurrency based systems.

This definitely sounds fascinating and can be a favorable advancement for buyers and car makers. Though, it may take a little time to be implemented. Till then, unfortunately, you need to make money transactions to buy used cars Dubai or you can visit for a hassle-free buying experience.

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