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Aviation industry contributes 15 per cent to UAE’s GDP

This is expected to surge to 37.5 per cent or $53bn by 2020 and $88.1bn by 2030

The UAE’s aviation industry contributes 15 per cent or $46 billion to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country, according to a senior official.

The local aviation industry currently provides 250,000 direct jobs and 225,000 indirect jobs, says Laila Al Muhairi, Executive Director for Strategy and International Affairs at the General Civil Aviation Authority.

Furthermore, the local aviation industry’s growth averages six to seven per cent, while global rates range between one and two per cent.

She adds in remarks published by Emarat Al-Youm that the civil aviation industry contributed 26.7 per cent to Dubai’s GDP in 2013 and created 400,000 jobs in the same year.

The sector’s contribution in Dubai’s GDP is expected to surge to 37.5 per cent or $53bn by 2020 and $88.1bn by 2030, Al Muhairi says.

She also indicates that current projects and expansion of the country’s airports will even accelerate growth in the aviation industry over the next few years.

Al Muhairi adds that the authority seeks to provide the needed support to stimulate investment in the local civil aviation sector and to facilitate procedures, expertise, research and studies for those interested to invest in this key domain.