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Bahrain hotels register high occupancy rate of 80 per cent

Major cultural and sports events hosted by kingdom reason for increased numbers.

Bahrain led the region in terms of hotel occupancy rates, achieving the highest occupancy rate of over 80 per cent during the Eid al-Fitr holidays in 2015, says consulting firm Origin Group.

Origin attributes this high occupancy rate to the different events hosted and/or organised by the country and by various government agencies.

The events include cultural events such as the Spring of Culture, Bahrain Summer Festival and the Bahrain International Music Festival and sports events, such as the Bahrain Grand Prix – Formula One World Championship and Bahrain International Airshow.
This is in addition to the numerous events organised by various private agencies, such as conferences, shopping festivals and exhibitions in all sectors, according to Bahrain-based Alwasat.

Origin states that these events positively affect the recovery of tourism in the country, especially the hospitality sector, by increasing the number of guests and visitors to the hotels.

According to a report issued by the British hospitality market research firm HotStats, the annual occupancy rate, from May last year until the beginning of 2015, was approximately 56 per cent.