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Bahrain one the best sales and marketing hubs in the ME, BITEX participants say

The Bahrain International Technology Exhibition (BITEX), which was recently held alongside with the MEET ICT conference, brought all ICT companies under one roof to display the latest trends in their field. It also brought together the ICT community for business building as well as researching for more powerful solutions in the sector. Hence, the expo aims to strengthen innovative potentials and boost the process of technical restoration of ICT industry.

On the sidelines of the event, a number of participants explained why they chose to take part in BITEX Bahrain in particular.

Manager of International Operations in Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd Company, Baradhwaj R, said “First of all, thanks for giving us the opportunity to exhibit here in BITEX. The reason we choose Bahrain to exhibit is that we have been operating in here for the past ten years at least. We are a global company providing solutions to primary and small skill businesses and to large audience as well. We have been in Bahrain for a long time now and our primary objective is to help businesses grow. That is what we have been trying to achieve and we are helping Indian economy to grow and similarly we are trying to improve the economy of other governments in the region as well. So that is one of the primary reasons for us to exhibit in Bahrain and the Middle East,”

“In regards of why Bahraini market is that we have a good presence in the Middle East starting from UAE, Oman Bahrain, and Qatar. Bahrain is a primary market for us,” he explained.

Milko LLari, Carrier Relations & Network Manager of the Italian “Enter” explained why an Italian company decided to participate in an exhibition that is happening in Bahrain. “This is an important and central market for Europe and Italy. We think that there a lot of opportunities here. I believe it is very important for every company in the world to have a presence in the Middle East,” he said.

“Because we met in GITEX in October and your business proposals were interesting. In general, the overall picture of the market is interesting,’ he added.

Fabio Castronuovo , CEO of We Like CRM of Italy stated “We think that all the GCC countries are a potential market for all of our activities and to expand our sales activities. So we joined in the exhibition to find partners to increase our market in the area in general and in Bahrain in particular as we believe that Bahrain’s market is very interesting and important. I am sure that by next year, we can expand our services,” explaining why choosing Bahrain in specific.

In is comment, the Country manager of “Procons-4IT” company, Sumeet Chowdhry, said “We have been in the Middle East region for two years. Our corporate office is based in Dubai. We have been looking at Bahrain for the last 6 months now. We feel that Bahrain has a big potential to grow and compete with other regional markets in the Middle East. We started with our first customer (Bahrain Islamic Bank) and we feel that we can really add values to the small and medium businesses in Bahrain. We are in the process of establishing a local office and we already have partners. We feel that we will see a great growth and potential next year,” he said

“Mainly because Bahrain’s market is a huge potential in terms of the small businesses, a lot of international businesses operate here and local business is now coming back after the stabilization of the political scenario,” he explained the reason for choosing Bahrain.

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