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Batelco offers traffic shaping solutions for businesses

Traffic Shaping allows for more efficient processes in organisations

Batelco, as part of its continuous strategic development of products and services to better serve businesses, has launched a new cost-effective Traffic Shaping Solution for business broadband customers.

In line with its drive to deliver innovative solutions ahead of competitors and support businesses with their ever-evolving requirements, Batelco is first to offer this new virtual service in a seamless and cost-effective manner. Batelco Business Broadband users can now subscribe to this latest offering as an alternative to hefty network management solutions, proxies, and other expensive network policy control systems.

Businesses have the option to select from four types of traffic shaping bolt-ons:
• Social Networking Traffic Management
• Real-time Entertainment Traffic Management
• Gaming Traffic Management
• Peer-to-peer Traffic Management

This service is guaranteed to boost efficiency in all types of organisations, as necessary traffic is seamlessly prioritised with restricted access to unwanted content, significantly heightening operational productivity. The bolt-on is also accessible to all business types due to its low cost, extreme flexibility, and high effectiveness.

Batelco has also announced that customers who subscribe now will get a free 1-year subscription to the Traffic Management solution. To subscribe, or for more information, customers can contact their dedicated Account Manager, or Batelco’s Business Customer Service Centre on 17 88 11 44.