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Batelco signs agreement with LMRA to provide free calling cards for workers

Batelco, Bahrain’s leading communications solutions provider has entered into a partnership with Bahrain Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) to support the LMRA’s efforts in regard to foreign workers employed in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Under the agreement expat workers in Bahrain will benefit from a free Sim card service that aims to keep them in constant touch with the Authority.

The partnership agreement was signed by Batelco A/CEO Muna Al Hashemi and LMRA CEO Ausamah bin Abdulla Al-Absi at a conference held at the LMRA’s Headquarters on Sunday 18th January. A number of officials from both leading organisations were present on the occasion.

Mrs. Al Hashemi said: that “Batelco was delighted to sign the partnership agreement with the LMRA to support their endeavours in looking after the requirements of the expatriate workers in the Kingdom. The LMRA has established itself as major organisation in Bahrain due to its provision of crucial services for expatriate employees. Accordingly, Batelco as part of its remit to other leading organisations and the community has no hesitation in joining hands with the LMRA on this occasion.”

Mr. Al Absi, who outlined the details of the agreement, said: that “The Authority in cooperation with Batelco will provide each expat worker holding a work permit issued by the Authority, a free sim card in his name upon registering his details at the Authority’s headquarters.” “The sim card number will be deemed the worker’s contact number which the Authority will use to inform him of all information that concerns him in the language he prefers,” he continued.

“This new service benefits the Authority and the expat workers alike as it allows workers to be updated on their work permits and legal status in the Kingdom of Bahrain via SMS’s sent to them by the Authority. The free sim card would be activated within 15 minutes from the registration of the worker’s personal data,” Mr. Al Absi noted. “This project comes in line with the Authority’s continued efforts to guarantee the expat worker all his rights, educate him on his legal duties and protect him from being a victim of human trading while also meeting the Kingdom’s human rights obligations,” he added.

“The LMRA greatly appreciates Batelco’s efforts and commitment towards all residents of Bahrain. The services that Batelco is providing will form an invaluable link between the LMRA and the many foreign workers that daily visit the LMRA’s offices,” he concluded.