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Bawadi Mall welcomes 829,121 visitors during Ramadan; 7.5% increase compared to last year

Bawadi Mall, the largest in Al Ain city, welcomed 829,121 visitors during Ramadan, registering an increase by 7.5% compared to the same period last year. This was attributed to the extensive shopping campaign held across 400 outlets, followed by another entertainment campaign that kicked off in Ramadan and will continue until the 6th of September.

The mall, which recorded highest-ever footfall last August partially coincided with Ramadan, is expecting similar footfall figures this August.

“Our strategy is based on widening the options offered to our visitors,” said Bassam Saleh, Marketing Manager, Bawadi Mall, “Customers in the UAE look for more than a traditional shopping experience, as competitors now consider other elements like entertainment, hospitality, promotions and raffle draws to attract visitors,” he added.

“Shopping campaigns should be tailored to target all demographics across the diversity cultures of visitors. We believe this strategy has been very successful and we will keep fine-tuning it, based on visitor feedback,” he concluded.

Ramadan shopping campaign offered daily opportunities to win fabulous prizes. The second campaign ‘Around The World in 40 Days’ began on the first day of Eid ul Fitr and is currently witnessing participation of 6 groups, and each will be performing for 7 days. Last week’s performance event was attended by His Excellency Salman Al Farisi, Ambassador of Indonesia in the UAE.

Saleh added, “This is the peak time for our business at Bawadi Mall. We are delighted with this success at a time when the competition between shopping malls is heating up.”

“We leverage many internal and external features, including the convenience of having shopping outlets located near the entrances, easy access and the large parking areas, as value additions for visitors during peak times,” he said.