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Cadillac success continues with 32 per cent growth

Cadillac is more than its image, and this is driving sales

The Cadillac brand continues to grow in the Middle East, with more and more people turning to the luxury car range. Cadillac Middle East announced 32 per cent year-to-date growth for 2015 so far.

According to Felix Weller, Sales and Marketing Director for Cadillac Middle East, the brand is set to continue the steady growth path it has been on for the last few months.

“Over the last year we have completely reengineered the way we do business. As a result we’re seeing a positive impact on our success globally and here in the Middle East,” said Weller.

“These days, we’re more independent; we’ve made changes to our structure to be more focused on our customers, products and after sales offerings, and are communicating the brand in a completely different way,” Weller added

This year there has been a shift to portray the brand in what Weller describes as its true light: as a brand for the independently minded, for those who want to stand out from the crowd. However, he says that Cadillac is more than its image, and this is driving sales.

“Having a sophisticated image is one thing, but this only works if you have a world-class product to back it up,” he said.

“The increasing number of people who are choosing to buy Cadillacs appreciate not only quality and luxury, but life-enhancing technology at their fingertips; palpable, advanced driving dynamics, and head turning design. This is what is driving our success,” he added.