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At ‘Capacity ME’, Tawasul Telecom announced partnership agreement with Multinet

Tawasul Telecom, the leading provider of MPLS Networking Services in the GCC and the Middle East announced that it has signed a cooperative partnership agreement with Multinet Pakistan, one of the most trusted and reliable operators in Asia. The agreement was signed at the Capacity ME event which was sponsored by Tawasul and held at Grand Hyatt hotel in Dubai over two days from March 3-5.

The two days event was marked with efficiency and excellence considering the platform it provides for leaders in the telecom industry from around the globe to network while discovering potential partnership opportunities. Tawasul’s initiative out of sponsoring the event stems from its commitment to keep close to its customers, listen to their needs and reinforce relations with currents and potentials.

“We are glad to announce our new strategic partnership at Capacity ME, the second largest telecom event “, said Salem Almulaifi/ Business Development Director at Tawasul Telecom. “The event provided a golden opportunity for networking with current and potential partners looking to upgrade their communication system.

Moving forward, Almulaifi confirmed that the new partnership is a great achievement for Tawasul in 2014; it allows the company to stretch its geographical expansion into new Asian market hence expanding its reach:”The signing of this agreement falls in-line with Tawasul’s strategy for tactical expansion linking the GCC and Middle East to key markets in Asia”.

This comprehensive move serves perfectly Tawasul’s plan to expand across the globe; “we are delighted to establish a presence in Pakistan which comes to fortify our network’s outreach to new vertical markets”, said Almulaifi.

By the terms of the agreement both companies are to interconnect their MPLS networks hence effectively extending the network coverage allowing fast provisioning times for clients. Both partners are to work effectively together to contribute to their customers’ business success by virtue of developing their enterprise networks spanning across the globe and maintaining their network operations through supreme quality services.

“It is our utmost pleasure to partner with a leading company as Tawasul Telecom which has been scoring tremendous successes in the area of reliable and sustainable connectivity. This agreement for mutual cooperation is another success for Multinet Pakistan which continues to win the confidence of customers and carrier partners as the “Trusted Infostructure Partner in the Region”, said Rashid Shafi/ Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer at Multinet Pakistan. “This partnership will allow both of us to provide world class connectivity, through our two networks, to our customers. While Tawasul offers connectivity solutions in Pakistan, vise versa, we will be offering solutions in GCC and Egypt to which we look at as highly potential markets”.

Almulaifi and Rashid Shafi confirmed that they are very excited to sign this cooperative agreement, as both Tawasul Telecom and Multinet Pakistan share their vision which relies on the power and reliability of MPLS networking in addition to their commitment to unbeatable quality of services and commendable customer care: “The joint cooperation between Multinet Pakistan and Tawasul Telecom serves as a testament to their mutual strengths and destined efforts to provide the best services to their valuable customers all over the world”.
It is also worth noting that Tawasul Telecom is continuously applying its strategy to enhance and develop the infrastructure of its cloud network that now covers 11 active markets in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and Africa including: Kuwait, KSA, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, the UAE, the UK, Germany, Singapore, Egypt and now Pakistan.

On the other hand, Multinet Pakistan, capitalizing on a self-resilient gigantic long haul network in over 110 cities in Pakistan, continues to rapidly expand its terrestrial coverage and global footprint. With exceptional terrestrial coverage, international POPs in UK and Singapore and a commendable portfolio of customers/partners, Multinet Pakistan is the preferred gateway for global connectivity requirements to and from the region.