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These are Careem’s exciting new in-app features

Careem, a Dubai based chauffeur-driven car-booking service, has announced the launch of three new in-app features aimed at greatly improving the experience of its customers. This burgeoning mobility service provider was estimated by The Economist in May 2017 as having operations in 53 cities in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia, and valued it as of 2017 at roughly $1billion.

Careem tells AMEinfo that Saudi Arabia is the company’s biggest growth market and it’s mostly due to female customers.

“Women account for nearly 80 percent of our customer base in the kingdom. Women don’t drive in Saudi Arabia, but they still need to move around, particularly now that more women are starting to get into the workplace,” says Mudassir Sheikha, CEO and co-founder, Careem.

An easy way to say thanks

The company claims the three new features will not only make passenger experiences better, but will also allow them to share appreciation to the drivers, whom the company aptly calls ‘Captains’.

After each ride, clients have the option of rating their Captains on a scale of one to five. Satisfied customers give a rating of four or five stars, followed by an option to leave a tip. The app allows customers to choose from one of three default amounts, or else passengers can enter a custom amount. This feature will be gradually rolled out over the next few days.

Giving feedback

If you are a client and leave a rating between one and three stars, you probably weren’t completely satisfied with your trip and Careem will want to know why. Now, when you leave one of these three ratings, you’ll be given an option to expand upon this rating with specific feedback or you can choose to leave your own personalised comment.

“We approach any rating on a case-by-case basis, as there are often nuances involved. Positive ratings help Captains in achieving Careem incentives, getting rewarded for great performance and even a bonus for exceptional customer service,” says Sheikha.

“At the same time, we provide retraining and feedback to those rated 3 stars or less.”

Help for common concerns

Questions or concerns that clients might have can now be addressed thanks to a 24/7 call centre; as of now, the answers will be provided via the Careem app. Passengers will be able to pull up FAQs or simply submit an issue they had on their last ride.

Along those lines, any passenger can now also dispute past rides. Within your ride history, tap the ride you’d like to dispute and push the help button. You’ll be taken to a screen where you can report exactly what went wrong.