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Centro Capital Centre launches Housekeeping Olympics

Running such competitions help to enhance the colleagues’ skills and competencies

Centro Capital Centre has launched Housekeeping Olympics; a unique competition which includes various disciplines related to the art of hospitality.

The housekeeping colleagues are considered one of the primary brand ambassadors in hospitality.

Running such competitions help to enhance the colleagues’ skills and competencies, to encourage talented colleagues to progress into senior management roles, to spread on-going motivation, resilience and positive energy which will lead to provide high quality service, exceed our guests’ satisfaction and have a treasured time.

The participants competed in several disciplines including bed making, mop race, vacuum race and buffer pad toss race and they are judged against their skills, accuracy and speed. Special scoring sheets have been developed in accordance with the hotel’s guidelines to demonstrate fairness and integrity along with the presence of judges and experts in the field.

After the first stage, 10 top-performing contestants at each discipline have been qualified for the finals and the winners were allocated 1st, 2nd and 3rd places following Olympic games model.

“In Centro Capital Centre, we pay much attention to our colleagues’ development, because we believe, that people make the company,” said Centro Capital Centre General Manager Mr. Ayman Ashor. “It’s especially important in our industry, where colleagues communicate to our guests directly and the image of the hotel depends not only on how trained our colleagues are, but also on how happy they are at the workplace. With Housekeeping Olympics, we would like to bring more value to their job and ensure high standards of guest service,” he added.

This is the first time that Centro Capital Centre implemented such initiative. Its positive impact is already noticed in the hotel and the management is pleasantly surprised by the results. The colleagues are participating actively, bringing the spirit of healthy competitiveness and enthusiasm to work.

Moreover, the competition was a real opportunity for some people to shine. Many new talents have been noticed throughout the stages which will definitely help in ensuring a healthy talent pipeline management and succession planning in the future.