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China’s Huawei sees transformational 2016

* Huawei has made good progression in market throughout 2016

* Consumer Business Group revealed Huawei Mate 9 mobile in Dubai

* Huawei’s new cloud-based platform Higame also launched


Chinese technology firm Huawei has made quite a progression in the market throughout 2016, affirming its position as a strong global brand and a sturdy player in the industry.


Balancing the business

Most recently, Huawei’s Consumer Business Group revealed its Huawei Mate 9 mobile device in Dubai, the second city in which the brand has debuted this flagship device.

This device is the latest addition to the Mate series and claims to feature the fastest computing performance available today through its SuperCharge technology.


In the clouds

The Dubai event also saw the launch of Huawei’s new cloud-based platform, Higame, which is an android mobile game download platform.

Under its enterprise business, Huawei has continued to develop open systems and drive collaboration with customers and partners, including cloud computing, storage, security solutions, among other technology-driven products and services catering to businesses.

In its carrier business, Huawei has become a strong supporter driving digital transformation for telecom operators across four key areas: business, operations, architecture and networks.


Good results

Despite being privately-held, Huawei released some financial results highlighting its performance during the first half of 2016. Throughout this time period, the firm reported a revenue increase of 40 per cent.

This, according to the company, is credited to the brand’s “well-balanced global presence,” Sabrina Meng, Huawei’s Chief Financial Officer, said in a statement.  Huawei operates three business groups: consumer-focused, business-focused and carrier business group.