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COMEX 2015 concludes on 1st May in Oman

COMEX 2015 witnesses a huge success with 120,000 visitors

The region’s leading IT and Technology exhibition COMEX 2015 was concluded on Friday 1st May, with a wide participation of a number of entities and institutions in public and private sectors at both national and international levels.

Under the patronage of e.oman and organized by Oman International Trade and Exhibitions (OITE), during the period from 27th of April and 1st of May 2015, this year’s COMEX theme is ‘Technology Shaping the Future’that is represented through eTransformation, SMEs Industry Development, and G-Cloud. With the participation of 34 government entities and 145 business companies, the exhibition witnessed a huge success with 120,000 visitors.

Along with the exhibition, the ICT annual conference took place from the period of 28th to 29th April, under the theme ‘Disruptive Technologies for Fast Tracking National Growth’. A number of papers in the field of ICT were presented discussing critical issues on Cloud Computing and Big Data and therefore providing solutions and sharing best practices for better economic growth in the Sultanate.

COMEX 2015 was a host for many signing agreements and more cooperation between the public and private sector in the ICT field. One prominent agreement was signed between Bank Muscat and Ministry of Manpower and ITA on e-Payment Gateway System, which in return will secure and facilitate the online e-payment transactions of the ministry as well as enabling it to obtain authentication and authorization from the responsible paying banks.

Another signing in the IT Trade show was the MoU signed between Daleel Digital Solutions (DDS) and the Omani Road Transport Association (ORTA) on OTAXI mobile application. OTAXI app will ease the transportation availability for the public.

Moreover, ITA signed a contract, which is going to be valid for 3 years, with HCL Technologies in order to implement the Mobile Applications Development Center. The center will help develop the mobile applications development capability in the region.

Visitors’ Feedback
Hassan Almodhafar, our national football team player praised the exhibition saying, “COMEX this year presented new technological innovations and devices as well as government eservices.” But he wishes the next year edition to bring in latest cutting edge technologies. He also admired the school students’ innovations and projects.

Antanas Stasiunas CEO of PM SCREEN from the republic of Lithuania commented on their participation at the exhibition, saying: “This is the first time I participate in COMEX 2015 and I’m very glad we had the chance to show our products here. COMEX 2015 showcased a lot of innovations, I thought there will be no innovations here but I found most of the recent technology applications like virtual reality.”