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COMEX Conference 2015 launched

The conference focuses on mega trends and innovative applications of Big Data and Cloud to propel the productiveness further.

With the theme of “Disruptive technologies for fast tracking National Growth”, the 6th addition of COMEX 2015 accompanying Conference was launched today morning at Golden Tulip Hotel, muscat, under the auspices of HE Dr. Said bin Hamed bin Said Al Rubaei, Secretary General of the Education Council.

This event, which will lasts for 2 days, brings together industry experts, solution providers, and end users along with Telecom operators towards creating sustainable solutions for addressing the most critical challenges.

The conference focuses on mega trends and innovative applications of Big Data and Cloud to propel the productiveness further. It also discusses the industry technologies of today and future for critically assessing the tangible applications of Big Data and cloud computing for providing the competitive edge in a highly globalized scenario.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Abdullah Hamood Khalid Al Barwani, Director General of Infrastructure at Information Technology Authority (ITA), says: “With the exponential increasing amount of data, the importance of cloud computing arose for its numerous benefits for government entities and private organizations. This year, COMEX conference will give us an opportunity to explore latest trends and existing technologies to maximize the use of “Big Data” by the means offered by cloud computing”.

“G-Cloud” project, which is adopted by ITA, is envisioned to setup a shared infrastructure including server, storage and applications to meet Omani government’s IT infrastructure needs. gCloud will allow government agencies to focus on their core businesses and thereby increase their agility, improve their efficiency and reduce the IT infrastructure budget,” he added.

Throughout the 3 sessions of the conference first day, a number of prominent ICT experts and specialists touched upon important aspects in relation to the developments in cloud computing and big data and their applications in deferent fields. In his keynote speech, Mr. Simon Field, Executive Partner at Gartner, talked about the implications and advantages that could be derived from analysing big data.

In the first session, which was entitled Big Data, Cloud and ICT Infrastructure for Public Sector and Society, MR. Khalid Al Rahbi, Manager of G-Cloud Initiative at ITA, presented ITA G-Cloud project and highlighted its importance and services it provides to the government entities. Then, Dr. Suleiman Al Hedaithy, Chairman at the FTTH Council, discussed the role of FTTH as the fastest and future proof technology which is the only solution to deliver gigabit services to homes and cities and cope with the applications and operations need for data and super-fast broadband.

He also highlighted the benefits behind the ultra high speed connectivity to households and the role of FTTH broadband in the economy and in the nation in order to enhance the quality of life, contributes to a better environment and increased competitiveness.

Speaking about the use of cloud computing in the government and private sectors, Mr. Peter Smith, GCC Managing Director at Nortel showcased some examples from Estonia and other countries where concepts like big data and cloud computing changed the approach of e-governance in general.

In another paper, Mr. Chris Dorrow, Customer Innovation Principal at (MENA) SAP, talked about how the Internet of things and smart services will change society. He said that “By 2020, there will be 50 billion connected devices communicating through the Internet. Devices can range from connected coffee makers, cars, watches and windmills. These devices provide data that offers new insights – as they talk to each other, they develop their own intelligence and can advise about optimal ways to put them to use. This will revolutionize consumer habits and the way we live in general.”

In the second session entitled “Evaluating the Diverse Applications and Analytics”, Mr. Scott Manson, Data Center Leader at Cisco Systems, spoke of how big data and cloud could be considered as vehicle for innovation and progress in the Gulf region. The next paper which was delivered by Mr. Sven Peekmann, Manager of Software Development Division, at NetGroup presented a case study on modern court information system and introduced cutting edge tools for EE-Justice. In the final paper, Mr. Murali Rajamani, from Oman Data Park, talked about the recent development in providing infrastructure for Cloud and Analytics

COMEX2015 Exhibition
The biggest IT and Technology show in the region COMEX2015 has been well received by the public in its second day 28th April, 2015. As many as hundreds of IT experts, tech savvies, enthusiasts, school students and individuals have toured the exhibition and captured by new solutions offered in both government and corporate pavilions, the event has yet more to offer.

One of the key sections in the exhibition this year is the social media corner to raise awareness among users on the best and right practices in using social media channels. It also seeks to encourage government entities to enhance and increase their interaction with the public through their social media accounts.