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Consumer spending on electronics in UAE falls by 16.5 per cent: Survey

Smartphones top the list of devices while brand and price are dominant considerations

Consumer spending on electronics in the UAE has seen a 16.5 per cent drop from last year, a new survey has found.

Plug Ins, the electronics and IT retail arm of Al Futtaim, in its “UAE Consumer Electronics” survey showed that average spending on electronics stood at AED4,000 compared to AED4,793 in September 2014.

Smartphones topped the list of devices purchased in the country with a majority (47 per cent) willing to pay between AED2,001 to AED3,000 for a handset.

“Smartphones remain the epicentre of Smart devices and we don’t see that changing anytime soon,” says Omar Abushaban general manager at, Plug Ins.

Brand and price remain the two dominant considerations for consumers while purchasing Smartphones.

Samsung is still the leader in the market (41 per cent) followed by Apple (36 per cent) in the Smartphone category; the two brands together account for 77 per cent of the UAE market, according to the survey.

While 36 per cent of 2,450 respondents in the survey bought television sets, 32 per cent made payments for laptops.

Wearable devices received a 11 per cent share in total consumer spending, with 52 per cent of respondents saying that they were planning to purchase devices in the fast-growing category over the next 12 months.