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Corodex Marine and Eflochem launch new products at Seatrade Middle East Maritime Exhibition

Corodex Marine and Eflochem, companies under the Concorde – Corodex Group (CCG), one of the Middle East region’s pioneering providers of fire protection, water & waste treatment and environmental services, launch its latest range of products at the Seatrade Middle East Maritime (SMEM) summit and exhibition, the maritime market place for the Middle East region, which will be held from October 28 to October 30, 2014 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre (DICEC).

The company will shed the spotlight on its newest line of products like span gasses, a Cargo Hold cleaning equipment set, eco-friendly acid replacement chemicals and EC Prime Lab Photometer and EC Oil Test Kit, which are new sets of on-site testing kits.

According to the company’s senior executives, the new cargo hold cleaning products and equipment have been designed to effectively clean cargo and remove loose rust scale, loose paint, discoloring and stains which consist of barriers, enviro-cleaners, mini guns, EC real pump and lances of up to 12 meters.

Recent environment regulations have also called for the replacement of acids like hydrochloric and sulfuric acids in cleaning marine vehicles and their sections. To address this demand, Eflochem has created EC-ECO Acids, a new line of products with acid replacement technology, which are 100 percent biodegradable and equally effective but without the use of hazardous materials. EC-ECO Acids substitutes hazardous chemicals such as EC-Acid, EC-Rust, EC-Sewage and EC-Metals products.

“We are very proud of this line of products and we expect that our products will give an additional boost to a better environment locally and globally. We at Eflochem are dedicated on working towards new technology to replace all hazardous chemicals still in use today,” said Mahmoud Awad, Managing Director, CCG. “It’s important to note that these products are equally effective in cleaning as the old technology, and have now become available at a more reasonable price,” he added.

Eflochem has also announced the release of its new Prime Lab Photometer, an innovative water treatment testing solution that works electronically against old manual methods of testing on board of all type of vessels. The EC-Prime Lab Photometer tests and analyzes boiler water, cooling water, sewage and potable water. Moreover, it alerts of any changes needed, such as chemicals that need to be added to the system, and simultaneously reports to the headquarters – saving time and cost. The new Eflochem product, which is enclosed in a strong case together with one-year supply of reagents, has been developed as an easy and accurate test that can solve several existing issues for all the concerned departments as they’re able to monitor boiler or main engine water treatment conditions at all times.

Meanwhile, Corodex Marine will be launching a newly developed Oil Test Kit that contains test devices enabling engineers to analyze the most important parameters of lube oil on-site. The test kit demonstrates a reliable indication about the performance of the engine oil at any time without a professional lab aside. The Oil Test kit checks on the following;
•Water-in-oil (Test for lubricants and fuels)
•Base Number test (BN test for alkalinity reserve in engine oils)
•Viscosity test (Comparison of fresh and used oil)
•Spot test (Insoluble and impurities)
•Salt test (Nature of water contamination)

“This new and readily available Oil Test Kit in the UAE can fly worldwide within 24 hours as a NON-ADR product. With this additional tool in our product line, we are providing a complete solution to ship owners with mobile testing needs along with our Fuel Oil additive products,” added Mahmoud Awad.

Lastly, both Corodex Marine and Eflochem have collaborated with sister company Bristol Gases, one of the pioneers in gas refilling in the UAE, to supply high quality range of welding and cutting equipment, industrial gases and specialty gases including span gases. The span gases supplied by Bristol Gases are suitable for calibration and testing of almost any type of gas detection equipment presently used on board vessels.

“Together, Corodex Marine and Bristol Gases can offer an alternative solution to ship owners to provide the market with an alternative choice of high quality and low cost span gases,” concluded Mahmoud Awad.