Complex Made Simple

Danat Chefs acquire traditional culinary lessons to master an Emirati flavored Ramadan

Promising a memorable Iftar with exquisite Emirati Flavors, Danat Hotels & Resorts has sent of all hotel chefs to a traditional Emirati cooking class recently to master the art of Emirati cooking.

The special course, which was taught by Chef Khulood Atiq, Culinary Development Specialist from TCA Abu Dhabi, was reserved to ensure the immediate implementation of the Emirati dishes during the holy month and to be served in daily basis on the open buffet and through Room Service.

Atiq, UAE’s first female national chef With years of personal cooking experience, taught the enthusiastic chefs bits and pieces of her special ingredients to ensure DH&R guests and visitors customary homemade Emirati Buffets during Ramadan Iftars and Souhours and daily meals.

Mr. Walid Harouni, Hotels Division Director, said regarding the occasion “You can enjoy a memorable evening in an unforgettable atmosphere, filled with fantastic Ramadan theme with Danat Hotels & Resorts, and we outstandingly announce that this year our guests will enjoy remarkableEmirati cuisines taught by a local Master-chef KhuloodAtiq our hotels; Al Raha Beach Hotel, Sands Hotel, Danat Jebel Dhanna Resort, TilalLiwa Hotel, Danat Al Ain Resort and Al-Dhafra Beach Hotel

He pinpointed that famous traditional such as the famous Harees, Thareed, Madhrooba, and Arseeyah and fantastic desserts most notably the honey dipped Liqeemat.

Danat Hotels & Resorts are an upscale UAE hotels that offers a selection of luxury city and resort properties, each reflecting the individuality and distinctive style of the local traditions. Guests at each of the above destinations will encounter the international ambience and superb service today’s traveler has come to expect.