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Data loss costs UAE’s institutions $2.8 billion

77 per cent of companies faced revenue losses, decrease in productivity and loss of customer confidence

A study by IT firm EMC Corporation showed that institutions in the UAE suffered losses of up to $2.8 billion last year due to data crashes and loss.

The study revealed that 77 per cent of experienced companies faced technical failures and data loss during the past year, which led to heavy losses in revenues, a decrease in employee productivity, in addition to the absence of new business development opportunities and the loss of customer confidence.

In fact, many dangers can be a daily threat to information technology infrastructure in SMEs. These dangers can be equipment failures, theft, cybercrime, environmental disasters as well as human errors, and all these potential threats can be mitigated through the emergency plan designed to fit with such cases.

According to Ministry of Economy’s statistics, small and medium enterprises are expected to contribute to raise domestic production by ten per cent.

Thus, there are significant measures that could be adopted by SMEs to reduce the effects caused by technical malfunctions and natural disasters.