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Which device dominated during Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Akamai predicted in September 2018 that mobile shopping would continue its growth this holiday shopping season. That prediction held true as we saw mobile devices increase their share of online shopping traffic volume to 57.55% and 35.91% for desktop. Compared to Black Friday 2017 (24 Nov), mobile increased by 12% while desktop decreased by 8%.

One report stated that Black Friday drove half a million new users to the top shopping apps.

Black Friday:

Cyber Monday:

For Cyber Monday, the mobile dominance trend continued. Compared to Cyber Monday 2017, mobile device usage increased by 17%, while desktop decreased by 10%. This is the first time in Akamai history that mobile has eclipsed desktop in device usage on Cyber Monday, based on session traffic we measure. Due to less RUM signals provided by mobile apps to the retailer, the customer experience must be flawless in order to capture conversions and revenues from mobile shoppers. This applies regardless if the consumer is accessing the site from a mobile browser or the retailer’s mobile application.

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This falls in line with other retail industry predictions as well. For example, the CEO of Macy’s was quoted as predicting they’ll see US $1B in sales over their mobile app by the end of 2018.

Additionally, AppAnnie (a leading provider of app market data) predicted that mobile apps would see their biggest days yet on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Our data certainly supports this mobile growth.

We see no signs of mobile online sales dropping off through the remainder of the holiday season; it will continue its growth at the expense of desktop.


Black Friday:

We calculated a baseline rate for the period of 4 Nov to 10 Nov; comparing Black Friday 2018 to the baseline:

The desktop drop-off was more dramatic, while mobile increased a significant amount, again underscoring the growth of mobile in online shopping.

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Cyber Monday:

Interestingly, Cyber Monday did not see quite as dramatic of a decline in desktop usage compared to Black Friday, and mobile actually declined slightly. Cyber Monday is not a recognized holiday, so most users were likely in the office as opposed to couch surfing, shopping or traveling where they would be more inclined to use a mobile device. Online traffic increased substantially for the U.S., but not quite as dramatically for other key countries as compared to the baseline.

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