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DEWA launches Al Saada initiative in the region

The platform comprises three sections that represent energy production, energy use, and rational use of energy.

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has launched a new corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative under the name Al Saada (Arabic for ‘happiness’).

The new initiative is to create a smart innovative entertainment platform, the first of its kind in the region that focuses on turning people’s kinetic and mechanical energy from exercise into electricity. This is achieved by specially-designed innovative recreational equipment that anyone can use, including people with special needs and children of six years and older.

The move supports DEWA’s strategy to be an integral part of people’s lives in Dubai, and its vision to become a sustainable innovative world-class utility. It also underlines DEWA’s CSR efforts, which support social development efforts to make society happier, enhance people’s happiness and contribute to greater welfare.

For the past two years, a DEWA team researched kinetic energy, its benefits, and the latest technologies for this innovative initiative. The study found equipment in the UK and Brazil that does this. The team developed the idea for a platform that includes innovative equipment and sustainable material to produce and store energy and use it in other recreational and entertaining equipment. The platform also promotes renewable energy and its sensible use.

Al Saada will provide a range of exercise equipment that generates renewable energy, highlighting DEWA’s role in achieving Dubai’s healthcare objectives to fight obesity and provide a healthy environment for all society. The platform comprises three sections that represent energy production, energy use, and rational use of energy.

The recreational equipment is connected to storing units for energy produced. Those who exercise can use the energy at the same time or later. Stored energy can be used in special units within the platform for charging phones and smart devices, lighting, cooling water, or other personal devices. The platform will also have games for children that run on the energy produced by their accompanying parents and guardians from their physical activities using the recreational equipment, or energy that is produced by the same games when they play on them.

The area will feature a corner dedicated to environmental awareness and promoting a culture of conservation in entertaining and educational smart ways that are accessible to everyone, especially the young, using advanced educational tools. Noor and Hayat, DEWA’s mascots who represent electricity and water, will provide children with a range of interesting recreational and educational activities. This supports social responsibility, spreads a culture of physical activity and positive energy among all members of society to create a better tomorrow, for generations to come.

“Positive energy within humans is the secret of happiness and satisfaction. It is the main driver for achievement and success. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, who once said about positive energy that, “It means to be optimistic about the new day every morning …. he who wakes up smiling will stay throughout his day full of positive energy, strong and ready to overcome challenges with high spirit and resolve,” said HE Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD and CEO of DEWA.

DEWA makes sure that its initiatives and programmes touch everyone’s life in society. This new initiative draws on the inherent energy of human beings and creates a fun family atmosphere that promotes energy conservation. It also contributes to strengthening DEWA’s social role to support the Dubai Plan 2021 for Dubai to be a city of educated, cultured, and healthy individuals, with a strong sense of responsibility towards themselves and society,” added Al Tayer

“DEWA’s CSR initiatives have always been an integral part of its strategy to serve the public good. DEWA is not only involved in the provision of energy services and water, but also makes every effort, through community-oriented programmes designed to make society happier and promote the growth and prosperity of Dubai and throughout the UAE,” added Al Tayer.

DEWA will work with stakeholders to build this model entertainment platform that uses safe and sustainable material. By building this platform, DEWA promotes the concept of energy production, including renewable energy and its daily uses in a simple and innovative manner in a family fun atmosphere that helps to bring the whole family together. DEWA will work with stakeholders to study the most suitable locations for the platforms in the coming period.

DEWA signed an MoU with Gebal Group, the exclusive representative of the UK-based The Great Outdoor Gym Company, in the Middle East. The two sides will implement and operate the project. The British company won an innovation award for sports equipment that contribute to sustainable energy from ENGIE, which was previously known as GDF SUEZ, at Innovation Week.

The MoU was signed by Khawla Al Mehairi, Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications at DEWA and Alex Charawani, Managing Partner of Gebal Group. Waleed Salman, Executive Vice President of Strategy and Business Development at DEWA, also attended the signing.

“Gebal Group is honoured and delighted to have signed an MoU with DEWA to provide kinetic energy-harnessing workout and play areas for the residents of Dubai. Dubai is a world pioneer in harnessing Smart technologies for the happiness and welfare of its residents, and we are proud to have the opportunity to partner with DEWA to provide Dubai with such a new and exciting concept. Dubai is already a ‘world city’ of the highest profile with a great many world-class attractions, and the provision of these innovative outdoor spaces will provide yet another way for families here to spend their time together in an enjoyable and healthy manner, harnessing renewable and clean energy in an entertaining and educational way,” said Charawani.

DEWA has established a corporate identity that has taken it into a wider space where it touches the lives of every member in society and contributes to improving the quality of life in the Emirate and has taking serious steps that have helped it surpass its sustainability targets. DEWA’s brand perception exceeded its target of 82% to reach 85.7% in 2014. This was the result of its efforts in establishing a streamlined corporate identity. DEWA works to strengthen Dubai’s infrastructure, and diversify energy sources and uses. It has enhanced its investment portfolio to include several companies, organisations, and initiatives under its umbrella. It has gone beyond the environmental and economic scopes to the social scope, providing new and innovative services and initiatives that achieve the aspirations, happiness, and satisfaction of citizens and residents and all stakeholders. DEWA’s Happiness index exceed 98% during the first few days of its launch.

“This leading initiative builds on DEWA’s focus on corporate social responsibility initiatives that have achieved remarkable successes. DEWA achieved a score of 87% for community satisfaction in 2014 compared to 83% in 2013. The importance of the new initiative lies in its objectives, which ensure communication and interaction with society to spread awareness about the importance of sustainable energy and its uses in everyone’s life. It drives a culture of rational use as one of DEWA’s main social objectives. It also contributes to spreading a culture of exercise and fitness as a lifestyle for individuals and families to lead a healthy life. This is achieved in a family and atmosphere that is full of activity and positive energy,” said Al Mehairi.

DEWA reviewed its corporate identity strategy in 2012 to be aligned with its aspirations and objectives to promote its image and its brand in society. This was done by launching many initiatives and programmes to engage with members of the community in simple and seamless ways that create a positive overall impression in the minds of all stakeholders.

DEWA’s services cover all aspects of the lived of people who DEWA work hard to achieve their happiness. DEWA recently launched a social media campaign under the theme #DEWALifeStyle to strengthen communication with the community and emphasise its mission to be part of the life of every individual and family. The campaign was an overwhelming success recording 1.7 million views in less than a month.