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DHL Express- Kuwait, sponsors “Une Nuit De Rêves” in May 16th, 2014

Driven by its commitment to support talents and appreciation to the impact of music in delivering cultural support, DHL Express is to sponsor the “Une Nuit de Rêves” or A Night of Dreams” orchestral event which will be held in Kuwait on the 16th of May 2014 with approximately 800 attendees expected.

The concert is a true demonstration of art and music in its fifth edition; this year it is designed to take the audience on a journey of classical music infused with Latin mixes, where Salsa is incorporated into classical pieces with elegance and splendor.

“DHL Express is proud to sponsor the event and to have a hand at bringing it to our customers and audience in Kuwait,” commented Omar Hariri -Country Manager- “DHL Express always chooses to partner with events and organizations that bring to life the brand attributes and all that we stand for. This event is a demonstration of precision and excellence and it was put together with hard work and dedication and that celebrates everything we work to achieve at DHL”.

“Une Nuit De Rêves” is a spectacular event and this year the organizers will attempt to mix Beethoven’s 5th symphony with a Latin flare. The event is known to merge the old classics with the new sounds which bring to life the love of Opera, Jazz and blues in a twist that inspires excellence.

Lina Bakir, the organizer and brain master behind the acclaimed annual -Nuit de Rêves- said: “Every year, we introduce our audience to a different experience, transporting them to a world where music knows neither time nor boundaries. Every year, we present that which is unique, inspiring yet deeply entrenched in our society’s musical repertoire and psyche.

For our 5th edition of Nuit de Rêves, we have prepared a program that fuses Latin with Classics, combining old with new, merging Arabic and English and tunes that know no languages,” she continued, “It took serious commitment from every member of our orchestra to prepare for this event. Working on a new program needs complete dedication, rehearsals that stretch over a span of a full year only to intensify with every passing day till that long awaited moment when we finally stand and deliver to our passionate audience. In our pursuit of the most refined, ours is a journey of commitment, dedication, passion and precision. This is why, when we look for partners, we look for those who parallel our aims and aspirations. That is why we are glad and honored to announce our partnership with DHL Express.”

On the same note, Hariri pointed to the similarity of the event with the commitment of DHL Express to accuracy and precision, he elaborated: “Accuracy and precision are very important key elements in our business just like in an orchestra, it takes a lot of dedication and hard work to master a piece of music and it takes the same kind of dedication and hard work to deliver the Express service level that we do at DHL”.