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DHL Express Qatar wins coveted Stevie Awards

Outstanding workforce key to company’s market leadership

DHL Express Qatar accepted two prestigious awards under the ‘Customer Services Team of the Year’ and ‘Human Resources Team of the Year’ categories of the 9th Annual Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service forming part of the Stevie® Awards, the world’s premier business awards.

The Stevie Award trophy is one of the international business community’s most coveted prizes. Since 2002, the Gold Stevie Award has been conferred to exceptionally performing organizations and individuals in more than 60 countries. In celebration of the award’s 10th anniversary, the Silver and Bronze Stevie Awards were introduced in 2012. The Stevie Awards comprises seven programs, with the Sales & Customer Service program focusing on the achievements of contact center, customer service, business development and sales professionals worldwide in particular.

For the 2015 edition of the Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service, DHL Express Qatar’s Customer Service (CS) Team received the Silver Award while the company’s Human Resources (HR) Team took away the Bronze Award. The CS Team was recognized for its hard work, dedication and commitment in meeting DHL’s customer needs, while the HR Team won for its outstanding ability to deliver high-quality service all year round.

Nael Attiyat, Country Manager DHL Express Qatar said: “Our people have always been the driving force behind the success of our organization, which is why we are very proud of the recognition they have just received from an awarding body as prestigious as the Stevie Awards. It is a well-deserved affirmation of the high quality of work our Customer Service and Human Resources Teams consistently and passionately deliver. We are very grateful that our employees share our vision of providing enhanced customer solutions and professional courier delivery services in Qatar. It all begins with motivated people within the organization and the recognition received through these rewards will further more drive motivation and employee engagement.”

“These awards are also very timely given the positive outlook for Qatar’s logistics and transportation industry which posted double-digit growth for the first half of 2015. With demand for express logistics escalating in the country, businesses will want to partner with globally-recognized and award-winning providers. This award is a great motivational boost for DHL Express Qatar as our sector continues to enjoy vast opportunities being opened up by the country’s infrastructure development,” Nael added.

For the 9th Annual Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service, finalists were chosen by the average scores of 139 professionals worldwide during two months of initial judging. Seven specialized committees determined the Gold, Silver and Bronze Stevie Awardees during the final judging.

DHL Express Qatar’s strong performance at the awards reflects the company’s solid growth into Qatar’s leading shipping, tracking and courier delivery services provider. The company constantly seeks to enhance and optimize its services through its service points and offices in the country. As shown by its recognition for Customer Service and Human Resource excellence, DHL Express Qatar remains highly committed to supporting its growing customer base and contributing to the commercial and economic development of Qatar.