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Dubai attracts 100m tourists in 10 years

In the past decade, emirate made quantum leaps in tourism sector and beat top global destinations

The emirate of Dubai is reported to have welcomed more than 100 million tourists during the 2005-2015 period at an annual growth rate ranging between eight and ten per cent.

Over the past ten years, the emirate made quantum leaps in the tourism sector and beat top global tourist destinations, according to a report by Al-Ittihad.

Preliminary unofficial data indicate that the emirate was the destination of 14m foreign tourists in 2015.

The emirate has an ambitious plan to attract 20m visitors by 2020, the report points out.

Dubai jumped to the fourth place among the world’s top destinations for international travelers, after London, Hong Kong and Paris.

Furthermore, the number of hotel guests in Dubai soared from 6.1m at the of 2005 to reach 11.6m to 11.6m by the end of 2014, indicating a growth of 81.2 per cent, which is expected to reach more than 130 per cent when 2015 numbers are fully announced.

The number of hotels and other hospitality facilities jumped from 423 in 2006 to 672 by the end of October in 2015, up by 58.9 per cent, while hotel rooms surged from 40,862 rooms in 2006 to 96,540 by the of October last year.