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Dubai Big Data Summit’s focus on energy will be led by Adnoc and Halliburton

The Oil & Gas sector will feature prominently at Dubai’s forthcoming GCC BIG DATA & ANALYTICS SUMMIT, which runs from 8-10 March, 2015 at the Address Hotel in Dubai’s Marina.

The event’s Honorary Advisory Board – which already includes senior representatives from Etisalat, Gulf Air, Injazat Data Systems, DU Telecoms, Microsoft, SAP and ADCB – has been joined by leading IT specialists from ADNOC Distribution Company in Abu Dhabi and Halliburton of the USA.

ADNOC Distribution’s Senior Database Administrator, Awad Ahmed El-Siddiq, told organisers TMC: “The role of Big Data is extremely important for the oil and gas Industry in the years ahead. This will be key in supporting strategic and smart decisions going forward. I am delighted to join the event’s Honorary Advisory Board and to play a constructive role in what should be most interesting discussions.”

Mr El Siddiq will address Summit delegates on ‘Data Warehousing & Big Data: the ADNOC Perspective’ during March 10. He will be discussing how best to align business operations with customer behaviour and customer insights, based on his own background and ADNOC Distribution’s recent experiences. He will explain how In-Memory Analytics can drive faster performance and productivity gains, so as to deliver new levels of insight through Big Data.

Dr Satyam Priyadarshy is Chief Data Scientist at Halliburton’s Landmark PSL in the USA. He will be flying to the UAE for the occasion and noted: “The oil and gas industry has always played with large amounts of data, from exploration through to completion. However, a Big Data solution for creating value in Oil & Gas has to be very different from the buzz of social media solutions!”

Dr Priyadarshy will deliver one of two keynote addresses – in his case on the subject: ‘Big Data and Data Driven Science for the Oil & Gas Industry.’ He will focus on leveraging Big Data and Data Science within this notoriously complex sector: examining Big Data value creation for exploration, drilling and other areas of the E & P life cycle. He will look at developing value for business growth through the conversion of all data assets related to a business into valuable products – based on new patterns created using data pipelining of historical, existing and future data.

Dr Satyam Priyadarshy will also hold a special half day ‘Big Data Analytics and Data Science Workshop’ on March 8, at the beginning of the Summit.

Here, the four enablers of Big Data to create actionable insights will be discussed – Data, Technologies, Big Data Analytics and Visualization. How does one leverage these enablers to create value? A seven-step process to create meaningful big data analytics, based on pattern-based strategy, will be presented.

Delegates will be shown the steps necessary to think like a data scientist. One key concept for data scientists is to be able to create visualizations that business leaders can understand and interpret without underlying complexity. The use case shown will display such visuals – to help delegates understand how data can be easy to interpret.

In the hands-on section, attendees will become familiar with tools like Python, R, Weka and Excel. Delegates will use these tools – to experience algorithms needed to analyze test data sets provided. They will gain experience with statistical methods, regression techniques, correlation, dimensionality reductions, and simple-to-interpret visualizations.

This workshop is designed for executives and professionals such as marketing researchers and managers; business intelligence analysts; data scientists; IT practitioners; leaders of companies which hold lots of data in silos and professionals with a strong interest in data management and analysis.

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