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Dubai commuters who are fasting could face a rude awakening this Ramadan

The lack of attention and concentration of some drivers this ramadan has resulted in the Roads and Transport Authority sending a warning SMS to road users.

The message reads, “Dear Driver, Take full rest before driving, and if you feel exhausted or drowsy please stop driving immediately.

“Remember, driving a vehicle in a way that jeopardizes the driver’s life or other people’s lives is a traffic violation punishable by Dh2000, 23 black points, and vehicle confiscation for 60 days. Ramadan Mubarak,” said RTA in its SMS.

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After analysing 1,651 accident claims of 2017 provided by an i-Insured survey, road safety experts found that motorists above the age of 40 should take extra caution on roads, to be vigilant during morning rush-hour and for men to pay extra attention towards their driving attitude.

Fasting drivers appear to have trouble keeping to their lane or signaling before changing lanes, as well as sudden speeding during the last hour before Iftar, as per Emarat Al Youm.

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Tables courtesy of Gulf News