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Dubai Customs launches “Voice of Customs” internal radio

From an employee suggestion to a first-of-its-kind initiative at government level.

H.E. Ahmed Mahboob Musabih, Director of Dubai Customs, has launched an internal radio called “Voice of Customs”.

The once-a-week, seven-to-ten-minute-long radio broadcast serves to keep employees informed about activities within the organisation. It offers a two-way communication platform for managers and employees, and helps colleagues bond. In addition to diffusing a newscast with the latest updates in Customs, Voice of Customs features interviews with employees from all lines, light information, contests, famous quotes and more.

Launched last Thursday, May 7, the Voice of Customs is the brainchild of Fatima Hussein Al Marzouki, Assistant Officer at the Customs Tariff & Origin Department. Al Marzouki’s suggestion was reviewed and implemented by the Corporate Communication Department jointly with other departments.

Addressing a crowd of DC staff at the launching ceremony, H.E. Ahmed Mahboob Musabih said, “Voice of Customs is a novel, unique initiative across government departments. This kind of initiatives only mirror employees motivation and loyalty to the organisation.”

Musabih called for all employees to unleash their creative ideas and work towards turning them into reality.

Khalil Saqer bin Gharib, Director of Corporate Communication Department at Dubai Customs, said: “Under the slogan ‘My Radio.. My Voice’, the internal broadcast Voice of Customs is here to cater to the needs of DC employees and to bring their various talents into light. We have turned a creative idea into a reality and will continue developing it in the future.”

Employees can tune in to the internal radio broadcast via a URL that is emailed to them every Thursday morning or sent to them in a text message, as some field inspectors and officers don’t have access to computers.