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Dubai hotel occupancy up to 95 per cent

Increase due to overwhelming response of companies participating in exhibitions and influx of visitors

Dubai hotel occupancy rates rose to 95 per cent during September and October, compared to the summer season, taking advantage of the active movement in the conferences and exhibitions sector.

Hoteliers in Dubai confirm that business tourism has had a positive impact since the beginning of last month, pointing to the overwhelming response of the companies participating in the exhibitions and the arrival of visitors from around the world, reports UAE-based Aliqtisadi.

They emphasise that prices maintained their levels during the past two months, while there was a slight increase in the hotels’ desire to attract more customers.

Mohamed Awadalla, CEO, Time Hotels, says: “The current occupancy rates are very good and close to the same level as last year’s, due to conferences and visitors to Dubai from all over the world.”

The tourism sector is witnessing an influx of tourist groups from European countries and Russia, and the sector has begun to reap the benefits of new markets.