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Dubai International Motor Show round-up: top crowd favorites from Chevrolet stand

Chevrolet’s newest product lineup is one of many main attractions at the brand’s stand, which features a Chevrolet store, an interactive football activation, and a massive, high resolution display

In the first few days of the Dubai International Motor Show 2015 the Chevrolet display is attracting visitor with its latest product line-up and interactive activations.

The motor show marked the regional debut of Chevrolet’s completely redesigned stand, especially built to offer attendees an engaging, multi-faceted experience from the moment they step onto the booth until they leave.

Visitors were particularly wowed by the Chevrolet stand’s colossal LED screens, refreshing versatility, and diverse display.

“It is my first time at the Dubai International Motor Show and the size of the Chevrolet stand really impressed me – there are so many different cars on display and they each cater to customers’ different needs,” said Harikrishnan Kodakava, a software engineer from India. “The stand is very spacious and the large screens keep you entertained when you are not looking at the cars!”

The Chevrolet Corvette Z06 proved a scene-stealer for sports car enthusiasts – most of whom immediately gravitated towards the vehicle to closely inspect the vehicle’s features.

“For me, personally, the Corvette is absolutely the star of the show!” stated Tony Nahal, a producer from Lebanon. “I have been following this specific nameplate for decades! The new Z06 comes with so many enhancements in terms of specs, functions and overall design. Every year, the Corvette keeps getting better. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year!”

Another eye-catching sports car, the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro – which is stationed on a rotating display – stopped many visitors in their tracks. And attendees truly relished the chance to sit behind the wheel and explore the vehicle’s interior design first-hand.

“I like the all-new 2016 Camaro,” commented Amir Ikbal, a Qatar-based accountant from the UK. “I like that it has Apple CarPlay compatibility so you can stay connected at all times; this is convenient and a must in today’s fast-paced world.”

For sports car drivers, a major highlight of the stand was also the Chevrolet store which features an array of branded Camaro- and Corvette- specific merchandise ranging from apparel and keychains to coffee mugs and miniature cars.

“I am a Chevrolet classic car enthusiast: I own three Corvettes,” said a lawyer who lives between the UAE and Geneva (and chose to remain anonymous). “It is great that the Chevrolet stand at this year’s Dubai International Motor Show has this store – because not everyone can walk out with a brand new car! Today, I bought a bag, some hats, and a few keychains for myself as well as shirts for my wife!”

Adorned with Manchester United F.C. jerseys, the Chevrolet stand’s interactive ‘Where There is Play There Are Possibilities’ football area – complete with a goal net and the backdrop of a football arena – was another consumer favorite, luring attendees of all ages and providing them with a fun-filled platform to show off their heading skills.

The activation is part of Chevrolet’s ongoing efforts to create beautiful possibilities by donating 2 million One World Footballs to disadvantaged children around the globe.

“I am a huge Manchester United F.C. fan and actually visited the club last year in February: while I got to buy loads of merchandise, I didn’t get to experience anything like this!” explained Trishi Sanassee, who works as an assistant hotel manager. “The Chevrolet stand allows you to do something for the club, which is great for Manchester United F.C. fans, all the while helping children in need around the world.”

To support the cause, motor show attendees were encouraged to upload their short film onto their social media channels.

To partake in Chevrolet’s One World Footballs initiative, all visitors need to do is pass by the Chevrolet stand at the Dubai International Motor Show, which runs until 14 November at the Dubai World Trade Center.