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Dubai Investments subsidiary TechSource develops Investment Analysis System

With real time market feed, solution offers unmatched benefits to users

TechSource LLC, a wholly-owned IT subsidiary of Dubai Investments PJSC offering the complete portfolio of services in the IT domain – from implementation, training to customization for enterprise applications, has developed the Investment Analysis System , a tailored, web-based tool designed to track the shares and stocks’ inventory.

The new business intelligence tool, enabled with real time market feed from Dubai Financial Market and Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange , offers clients the ability to transform the data into actionable insights, besides conducting daily and monthly analysis to facilitate the decision-making process on portfolio investments and risk factors.

The effective, easy-to-use solution, currently running live at UAE client locations, also provides customized reports and helps users maintain their investments on quoted, unquoted securities, funds, bonds and other incomes. It also helps in live tracking of the sale and purchase of the investments, including redemption and real time revaluation of the investments.

The introduction of the Investment Analysis System expands TechSource LLC’s existing product portfolio, which includes some of the world’s most trusted partners to maintain its reputation and brand leadership through optimal enterprise business solutions, including affiliations with Oracle, Microsoft and Proxim Wireless, among others.

“The Investment Analysis System is a unique, first-of-its-kind solution by TechSource that helps increase the user’s ability by deploying a new class of business intelligence tools which caters to the complexity and volatility of investment environment on the stock exchanges. This new dashboard helps executives know how well their investment strategy is performing, and make more informed decisions on the investments,” said Venkatesh Mahadevan, General Manager of TechSource LLC.

The IAS automates data capture and analyses with its live feed, eliminating the need to spend days or weeks pulling together information and spreadsheets. “Multiple scorecards, chart and graphs on the investments, customizable to the users’ requirements, offer further insight into portfolio positioning and unlock new opportunities,” added Mahadevan.

The new integrated and flexible solution thus provides a comprehensive understanding of their portfolios, historical trends, and potential changes to cash flow, while improving the overall Return on Investments and driving efficiency.

Established in 2009, TechSource LLC offers a wide array of application development services, as also business intelligence and analytics, business process solutions, enterprise solutions, infrastructure services, security solutions, network and data storage tools and mobility solutions.