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Dubai Link launches its Global Travel Engine in ATM

GTE guarantees one million rooms daily in 1000 cities

Dubai Link, the leading company in the region, in providing outstanding solutions to promote tourism and travel bookings, hotels, announced during Arabian Travel Market 2015, the launch of its sophisticated Global Travel Engine (GTE), which is able to secure one million hotel rooms daily.

This Engine will form a new chapter in the travel and tourism sector, regionally and worldwide.

Dubai Link has always played an important role in supporting and promoting the tourism industry in the UAE, and this year participation in ATM was drawn in coordination with the Dubai Commerce and Tourism Promotion Board.

With a second pavilion, designed by Dubai Link, visitors will learn more about the capacities of GTE in providing hotel rooms in 100 countries, more than 1000 cities, more than 100,000 hotels, and more than one million rooms per day.

Through the launch of its international search engine – GTE, Dubai Link aims at providing excellent services in hotel bookings worldwide, in favor of the tourism companies (B2B). The engine proved its effectiveness and high performance in meeting the needs of the tourism sector, as well as the ease of use, thanks to its modern design and adoption of the latest techniques, which allow the booking of rooms required at reasonable price with the least number of procedures.

On this occasion, Dr. Haytham AlHajali, CEO of Dubai Link said, “We operate in a very dynamic and rapidly growing sector, which requires us to adopt state-of-the-art technology, and build solid relations with customers and partners. These vital factors play an important role in our present and future business. We are pleased with our constant participation in the Arabian Travel Market, as it constitutes an excellent platform through which we can present our best potentials to the public, partners, and clients. We focus on the latest technologies in the tourism sector with the aspirations of the Dubai Government and its preparations for Expo 2020.”

The Global Travel Engine – GTE, was designed to serve the tourism companies in their search to book hotel rooms immediately. GTE provides other tourism services, including transportation and excursions at very competitive prices, to which companies can add their margin. The development and testing of GTE took over 18 months to operate well in 100 countries, more than 1,000 cities, 100,000 hotels, and more than a million rooms daily.

Mr. Alaeddin Jebrini, General Manager, Dubai Link said, “Our long experience exceeds twenty years in the travel and tourism industry, thus we want to offer this sector a smart and modern solution that meets the requirements of our present and future partners. We worked hard on designing GTE by using the best international practices, in order to meet the substantial growth in the travel and tourism sector, in the Gulf region, currently and for the years to come. “

Jebrini concluded, “Developing GTE is a great achievement for us, because it is the cornerstone to achieving our goal of becoming a premium wholesale supplier for online hotel services, worldwide, over the next ten years.”

Businesses and partners can access GTE by visiting portal ( However, to avail its services, GTE relies on three main sources: Direct contracts that allow bookings in hotels worldwide, and the use of XML technology, which allows access to the database of more than fifty top wholesalers worldwide. The third source is the Live Dynamic Connection with the largest international hotel chains, as this connection provides the highest possible level of availability.

A group of selected experts, speakers, and travel specialists, coming from various regions in the world, are participating in ATM 2015, in addition to 2700 regional and international exhibitors from 86 countries, and 70 national pavilions.

ATM visitors and guests can visit the Dubai Link pavilion to experience GTE themselves, and get introduced to the unique features, and how to find a huge number of rooms. GTE is available for you at stand UAE 6125.