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Don’t sit idle at the airport: Check out Dubai while in transit

If you are ever going to be stuck in transit in Dubai’s international airport (DXB), this is no longer a frustrating deal.

Right now, 14.9 million tourists visit Dubai annually, while approximately 46 million passengers transit through Dubai Airports each year, who do not visit the city.

Dubai Airports has announced its plan to open the city up to passengers in transit, calling it the ‘Microcosm Project’.

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This initiative encourages visitors to leave the airport and visit the city if their transit exceeds four hours, with a tailor-made ‘dynamic itinerary’, depending on the amount of transit time they have.

According to a video published on social media by the Dubai Media Office, the airport will be utilizing wearable technology and gesture control, to unlock and track user experience.

As for the visitors in transit for under four hours, they will get a “virtual tour” of the city.

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According to the video, the traditional passenger experience in the airport is limited to shopping and F&B within the concourse, with an average of 3$ spent per visitor, compared to an average of $260 spent by a single tourist inside the city.

Under the umbrella of ‘Dubai 10X’

This new initiative is part of a series of initiatives developed under the umbrella of ‘Dubai 10X’, which aims to place Dubai 10 years ahead of other cities.

WAM, the official news agency of the UAE, reported Paul Griffith CEO of Dubai Airports, as saying, “Our aim is to increase the airport’s capacity to 118 million passengers by 2023.”

“The ‘Dubai 10X’ initiative gives us a real opportunity to achieve our goal of becoming the best airport operator in the world and making DXB a destination in itself,” he added.

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Griffith explained that “by 2020, the aviation sector is expected to contribute $ 53.1 billion to the Dubai economy and provide more than 754,000 jobs, which will rise to $ 88 billion by 2030.”

Other than ‘The microcosm project,’ Dubai Airport is pushing through several major technology initiatives to speed up travel through the airport including a new passport clearance system that can process passengers in as little as 10 seconds.