Complex Made Simple

E-commerce websites have something new to worry about in the UAE soft-launched in summer 2016 with contact lenses as an initial pilot product category; colored contact lenses with eye-correction serve both a medical as well as an aesthetic purpose.

But souKare also believed that there was a major overlap between healthcare and lifestyle products, that resulted in significant synergies between the two from a customer’s perspective. That’s why souKare combined the two offerings into one, to provide customers with a one-stop shop for their healthcare and lifestyle needs.

However, that’s not the company’s only achievement.

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High investment for fitness and healthcare, the Dubai-based lifestyle and healthcare tech startup, has announced it has successfully raised $400,000 in funding from GCC-based investors, as part of its seed round.

souKare’s investment comes from a diverse set of well-established angel investors from UAE and KSA including CEOs, Partners, and Senior Management from Strategy Consulting, Private Equity, and start-up firms.

According to Faraz Khan, founder of souKare, “We are delighted to have on board such a strong investor panel from the GCC. This will help us further accelerate our current growth momentum by expanding our footprint geographically as well as expanding our product range.”

The e-commerce website, which leverages technology and artificial intelligence, provides fast and hassle-free offerings to customers through its online platform.

Currently live in the UAE and KSA, “’s goal is to optimize the customer journey for healthcare and lifestyle. Our target market is, therefore, anyone who is looking for a hassle-free and convenient purchase experience with doorstep delivery,” commented.

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Customer service first!

souKare’s primary goal is to provide fast, convenient and hassle-free experience for its customers. “Apart from the free 90 minutes delivery in Dubai (orders above $27) and guaranteeing 100% authenticity for all our products, we provide several payment options including cash/card on delivery and online payment by credit/debit cards,” commented.

“Re-ordering is a simple and seamless process, where the customer can repeat the last order simply by sending us a message on Whatsapp, calling us, or by logging to the site and repeating his or her last order. We ship contact lenses globally, with most countries qualifying for free shipping,” added.

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Expansion close

souKare not only plans to expand its product offering within the current product categories but is on track to launch a new major product category in the coming months.

“We are continuously expanding our product range and will soon be adding some very sought-after products in the fitness category. As the demand for gluten-free, vegan, sugar-free products increase, we are also working on increasing our product range to offer the broadest possible collection of items that our customers are looking for,” commented Faraz.