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Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group takes lead with first SAP HANA migration in UAE

SAP HANA’s in-memory technology analyses massive data sets to gain real-time information for insight to action.

Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group LLC (ESAG) went live with SAP HANA system in the first week of April, the first migration to the HANA system by any large business conglomerate in the UAE.

This represents a significant achievement for ESAG Group and its in-house SAP Solution Department and also enables the Group to extend their SAP footprint by exploring further into SAP HANA capabilities and add-ons. The migration to SAP HANA project started in January 2015, in partnership with SAP Field Services.

“The SAP HANA platform has changed our view of data management and simplified tasks, giving our business a cutting-edge advantage and incomparable agility. Today’s accelerated business environment requires real-time response to changing market conditions. But gathering actionable information from large data sets is beyond the capabilities of conventional infrastructures. With the SAP HANA platform’s innovative in-memory technology, we will be able to analyze massive data sets to gain real-time information and take a faster business decisions,” said Abdulla Al Gurg, Group General Manager who spearheaded this project for ESAG.

This project was executed along with SAP Field services based on the strength of their technical and functional competence on the new technology HANA. After a detailed testing in Sandbox, Development & Quality System, the production system migration was undertaken over the weekend of April 3 and April 4, to ensure minimal business interruption.

“This launch takes our partnership with ESAG to the next level, recognizing that the Group is a regional leader in the adoption of the latest technology solutions to support their growth and the UAE’s diversifying economy. The SAP HANA platform serves as the engine for driving growth across businesses, innovating back-end processes while also enhancing customer experiences. We are confident that ESAG and their customers will be reaping the benefits of their smart technology investment,” said Frank Forndron, Director – Head of Customer Office and Quality Management, SAP MENA.

As part of its ongoing drive for operational efficiency, ESAG has adopted leading practices to support business planning. The SAP HANA project is set to transform the business planning and budgeting processes within the Group. Businesses within ESAG can now take advantage of real-time

analyses which speeds up planning cycles, sales and production processes as well as financial transactions.