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Egyptian government distributes fuel cards to tuk-tuk owners in Fayoum

The government aims to create a tuk-tuk database for the first time

Within the framework of cooperation between the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Local Development; the government began activating the delivery of fuel cards to the owners of tuk-tuks for the first time in Fayoum governorate, starting in Sila and Ebshway and spreading throughout the rest of governorates.

Tuk-tuk owners can get fuel cards from municipal units in the governorates, by showing the employee in charge the tuk-tuk ownership document, national ID, motor and chassis numbers, and signing a receipt for receiving the card to get fuel from stations without maximum limit and with declared prices.

The government aims to create a tuk-tuk database for the first time, where 200 thousand tuk-tuks were registered through available data at the Ministry of Finance.

Dr. Amr Badawi, Minister of Finance and Senior Assistant for Institutional Development, announced the completion of the printing and delivery of gasoline and diesel fuel cards to the traffic departments in 27 governorates, with a total of 5.7 million cards representing 100% of the registered vehicles. He called for citizens who did not receive cards for their vehicles to go quickly to traffic units to get their cards, or to access to request card home delivery.

Badawi added that “The new system for the distribution of petroleum products through electronic cards is designed to better control trading of petroleum products and to prevent smuggling it to non-eligible people to protect public money. He stressed that there is no limitation on the amounts of fuel on electronic cards, where all citizens will get any quantity they require of diesel or gasoline, for usual prices without any change.”

He also added that “The government will hand over agricultural fertilizers and cash support for some crops through farmer smart card, and that the oil allocations for agricultural machinery to be given through the station card as first phase.”